(Turkey) The Gracias Choir Performance in Istanbul, Made by God

Turkey is the country that Paul had spread the Gospel with great power, 2000 years ago.

Although locations where Apostle Paul shouted the Gospel still exists and there are traces of the early churches, the whole country had been blanketed with Islam and no clues of the Gospel could be found. However, even Turkey is inside of the promise of God that says, ‘the nations for you inheritance’.


It was known two weeks ago that Pastor Ock Soo Park would be stopping at Istanbul on the way to Benin.

Despite the ten hours being a short time, when he enters Africa and Korea, it is that he is actually touching Turkish land twice. Then, the next day, news came that six members of the Gracias Choir were also going to Benin via Turkey from New York and coincidently, the time waiting in Turkey was similar to the time of Pastor Park.

Because it would be such a shame to let the world’s best choir just pass through, we began to look for a place where the Gracias Choir could perform and Pastor Ock Soo Park could deliver his Mind Lecture. Soon after, a way had been opened to perform in the stage of an arts high school in front of the students and the teachers.

As we saw everything being organised so quickly, as if Turkey had been waiting for Pastor, we could clearly see the heart of God that wanted to gain the people of Turkey in this way, and we were overwhelmed. Moreover, hope overflowed in our hearts as we think of how God will work through the door He had now opened.