[Uganda] IYF, MOU with International University of East Africa

On July 31st, IYF and International University of East Africa (shorten IUEA), located at Uganda Kampala, contracted an MOU in order to introduce Mind Education. On this day, Pastor Ock Soo Park and the Chancellor of IUEA and their staffs signed the MOU to introduce the Mind Education in the meeting room.


This MOU was opened through the offer by the Chancellor who was captivated by Pastor Seong Hun Kim’s Mind Education that took place before at IUEA. Through this MOU, Mind Education will start from 2018 for teachers and staff members and eventually spread out.


Pastor Ock soo Park, who visited IUEA, was welcomed by Chancellor Dawoud Shenouda Dawoud and held a small talk in his office and then moved to the meeting room for the MOU program.


Firstly, the Chancellor of IUEA gave a simple explanation to ‘What is Mind Education?’ and ‘Why should this program be introduced?’ Then, the Gracious Choir performed. Fourty education personnel at the ceremony cheered as they listened to classic music which isn’t usually easily accessible.