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[Uganda] Let’s be freed from ourselves! / 2nd Bible Camp News (March 07, 2012)

Starting from February 21st (Tues) to the 25th (Sat), the Uganda Church invited pastor Yang Duk Man (Kisimu, Kenya Church) and held a Mahanaim Bible College/Bible Camp.

“Let us be freed from ourselves through true repentance and faith,” was the topic as the camp began, which had many of the brothers and sisters of the Uganda Church, pastors from the Mahanaim Bible College and Good News Corps students who are heading overseas in 2012 in attendance. By spending one week living at church, listening to the Word and through having fellowship they were able to have the time to become one with God.

Every meeting included Righteous dances by Uganda Good News Corps members and piano solos, which caused the hearts of the people to rejoice and to open.

The guest speaker, pastor Yang Duk Man said, “Even though God had thrown Saul away, in Samuel’s heart Saul still existed and his heart could not move on to David. Samuel himself could not move his heart, but only the Word of God could move Samuel’s heart from Saul to David. Only the Word can move us from within ourselves to God.”

“Everyone, believe in the power of the cross. If you believe in the cross, you will be freed from everything. Not only had our sins, but we, our thoughts, and the law died on the cross. Thus, when Jesus’ funeral was held, so was ours; now Jesus lives for us.”

As the participants heard the pastors’ words, they were freed from the heart of believing in what they thought were themselves, and were able to discover and believe how God thought of them and how the Word viewed them. Everyone became one under the Word, and it became a joyful time.

“My first camp was exceptionally joyful. I realized that even if I did not try to wash away my sins, all I had to do was accept everything Jesus gave to me. I heard that I had to turn away from my evil ways and thoughts, and believe that Jesus has taken all of my sins. Since Jesus took all my sins away, when God sees me, I am no longer a sinner and there is no longer anything for me to do. I am so grateful to have realized this precise gospel.” (Doreen / Kampala Church)

“I was extremely happy to have been able to attend this Bible Camp. During this camp, I learned how to be freed from myself through true repentance and faith. As I heard the story of Nabal and Saul, I was able to realize how foolishly I had been living being trapped within myself. Just as I was able to receive salvation when I did not believe in myself and only the Word, I was told that becoming free from myself was just the same. Finally, as I heard of the power of the cross, I found out that I too had been nailed on the cross with Jesus. I was able to realize that my flesh, thoughts and everything of me has ended at the cross and I now believe that Jesus lives inside of me.” (Alex / Kampala Church)

The brothers, sisters of Uganda Church and many others became closer to God during this Bible Camp and had a grateful time as they saw their changed selves.

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