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[Uganda] Meeting with First Lady Who Loves IYF

On May 27th, 2016, Uganda IYF and the First Lady had a meeting at the State House in Nakasero located in Kampala, Uganda. This meeting took place to discuss the Mind Education Project and the invitation of Pastor Ock Soo Park.


The First Lady had already attended the 2012 Uganda World Camp Christmas Cantata performance, shared gospel fellowship with Pastor Ock Soo Park for an hour, and heard the gospel. Also having attended the 2015 Uganda World Camp, she knows very well about the IYF activities.


The First Lady, remembering the IYF, greeted us warmly. The meeting was planned to begin after a prayer. After the prayer, we gifted a letter of appreciation and an album of photos for having attended the 2015 Uganda World Camp opening ceremony last year.


“Thank you very much. Everything you are doing is the right thing. Thank you very much for doing youth work that brings change to the young people. I must go to such event. But, thank you very much for giving me such a beautiful gift. I thank you all very much.”

As the meeting started, there was a violin performance by Chan-mi Park who is studying at the New York School of Mahanaim and is currently an overseas volunteer in Tanzania. She performed an Ugandan folk song and Amazing Grace.


The First Lady sung along to the performance of Amazing Grace, and she was very moved in the heart.

“My daughter saw the IYF activities on the internet and wanted to meet with you and learn from you all. And she said that she wanted to send her children to IYF as well. When she knows where you are, she would go immediately.”


“Mrs. Museveni, the IYF is an NGO carrying out numerous youth activities across the world, especially in changing the hearts of the youth. Although there are many youths in Uganda, there are many students whose hearts are closed towards the government, towards their parents, and simply filled with complaints. We think it is important for circumstances to change, but we think it is more important to change the basic mindsets of youths. That is why the IYF does the work of changing the youths’ minds. We would like to carry out this work strongly in Uganda.”

“I entirely agree to what you say, Pastor. There are many youths in Uganda. Ugandan youths, instead of changing their thoughts and minds, live with complaints towards the government and their parents. This is because they don’t know what their potentials are and forgotten what they are capable of. I believe such mind education is necessary. This program that you have is a necessary program in Uganda. What is needed for the youths of Uganda is the mind education that you are speaking of.”


The First Lady agreed entirely to the IYF mind education and said the IYF’s mind education was what was truly needed for the youths of Uganda. And the IYF Uganda Branch Manager Hyeong Jin Kim continued to speak.

“In 2005, when I was an undergraduate, I came to Uganda as a volunteer. During that one year, my life changed completely. I was someone who lived only for myself, and I experienced the happiness and joy that comes in living for someone else. Afterwards, I had received more training and returned to Uganda in 2009. For the last 7 years, we have been working for the youth of Uganda. Even in the future, we would like to work for Uganda for the rest of our lives. If the First Lady would open the way for such work, I believe we could work even more strongly. I believe this mind education is needed in elementary schools, in high schools, in colleges, to principals and teachers as well as government leaders and enterprise leaders. Please help us.”


The First Lady thanked us continuously and hoped to work closer with the Ministry of Education in the future. We also discussed the invitation of Pastor Ock Soo Park to Uganda, and the First Lady mentioned that ‘Pastor Park must come to Uganda.’ Also adding, ‘we will send an invitation to invite the Pastor.’


“Regarding these works, Pastor Ock Soo Park is the one working most actively in this world. He is the same age as the current President of Uganda and he is travelling the entire world, working for the youth. At the beginning of this year, the Government of Vietnam signed an MOU with the IYF and invited Pastor Ock Soo Park to listen to a mind lecture. The President of the Beninese Government gave us 10 hectares of land and a youth centre was already built. 20 hectares of land was also given by the President of the Zambian Government in March and a youth development centre is planned to be built. The Pastor said many times, ‘I want to go to Uganda. I want to work for the youths of Uganda.’

“A person like Pastor Ock Soo Park must come to Uganda. We must invite him and gather many youths to listen to the lecture. If the Pastor works in Uganda, the young people of Uganda will change greatly. I will make sure to send an invitation to the Pastor and I would like to invite him to Uganda. It would be great to meet with the President as well. To what address and name must I send it to? The Pastor must come to Uganda.”


It was clear that the First Lady’s heart was entirely open towards Pastor Ock Soo Park. She was sure that Pastor Ock Soo Park will be invited to Uganda, meet with the President, and change the youths of Uganda. “This meeting I have with you this morning is very important. You are doing the most important thing in Uganda. I am very warm and thankful in my heart.”


The news of the meeting this day with the IYF and the First Lady was reported through an influential daily newspaper in Uganda known as ‘New Vision’ for the ‘Sunday Vision’ on June 5th under the title “First lady lauds Korean fellowship.”

On the next day, on the 6th, Mrs Janet Museveni was appointed as Minister of Education and Sports at the reformation of the Ugandan Cabinet. The First Lady had once said that it would be good to work directly with the Ministry of Education, and now she has become the Minister of Education. It was wonderful and amazing. God allowed this meeting at the most exact and optimum timing.

We are overwhelmed and happy to think about the will and plans of God to work in Uganda in the future.

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