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[Uganda] Pastor Ock Soo Park, Awarded ‘Africa Leadership Award’ for Contributions to You



Pastor Ock Soo Park, founder of the International Youth League (IYF), who is conducting youth personality education camps in four African countries, including Ghana, Togo, Uganda and Kenya, was awarded the “Africa Leadership Award.”

IYF revealed that Pastor Ock Soo Park was awarded the “Africa Leadership Excellence Award” at the closing ceremony of the “National Mind Education Camp Uganda,” held on October 31 in Uganda.

This the honorary award was decided by the Awarding Committee in recognition of the contributions of Pastor Park Ock Soo and IYF in youth education projects in various countries such as Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, Benin, and Zambia and working closely with government ministries to enhance social development.

The awarding took place last month on the 31st at the closing ceremony of the “National Education Camp Uganda,” a youth character education program co-hosted by the IYF and the Ugandan Ministry of Education, by the Ministry of Information Communication Technology (ICT) and National Guidance on the behalf of Prime Minister of Uganda.

Fifty-four nations of Africa are members of the ‘Africa Leadership Award’ and it is a prestigious award given to persons who have contributed to Africa’s development in more than 20 fields, annually. This award was received by many social leaders, entrepreneurs, and country leaders including the President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni. The awarding ceremony this year is scheduled to be held in December in Kigali, Rwanda but due to matters of his schedule, Pastor Ock Soo Park was presented this award during his visit to Uganda.

Meanwhile, IYF and Pastor Ock Soo Park have been conducting youth character education programs in four African countries since July 24th. On October 27, talks were held with the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo Addo, and on the 28th, with the President of Togo, Faure Gnassingbe regarding specific discussions regarding youth education projects.

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