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[Uganda] Uganda World Camp starts with a message of hope for 2,000 participants

The Opening Ceremony of Uganda World Camp took place at Freedom Square in Makerere University on the event of the 30th, with a total audience comprised of 1,500 camp participants and 500 citizens.


The Opening Ceremony was also attended by an envoy sent by the President who is the Minister of Kampala City, the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Makerere University, an envoy sent by the wife of the President who is the Minister of Education, Director of National Youth Guidance, Deputy Chief King Bekere and 30 other guests.

This camp was organized by the help of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Sports, and City Hall. Furthermore, Uganda TV national broadcast station and radio stations have been covering the event live and recording. Through their help, the World Camp was able to be held.

Three long months were put into preparing the World Camp; it not only includes the blood and sweat of the volunteers and Ugandan members, but also the helping hands of various people from Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and Korea.

The World Camp was divided into Leaders group, Christian leaders group, University group and Secondary school group. Their different backgrounds and positions were considered when dividing the groups, and these groups underwent team meetings and received Mind Education, accordingly.




On July 30th, Pastor Ock Soo Park gave a mind lecture for the Leaders group inside the Main Hall of Makerere University. The 500 seat main hall was filled that there were people who were unable to find a seat.

The Gracias Choir’s sweet voice captivated the hearts of those who listened. The participants were unable to keep their eyes off the Gracias Choir’s performance, and we were able to see how much they were drawn to the performance as they held their phones to record videos of the Choir.


On the podium, Pastor Ock Soo Park explained through his mind lecture how the Gracias Choir was able to become the world’s best and how an oriental melon farmer in Korea was able to succeed. The participants inclined their ears to listen and gave applauses in between. After the lecture, people stood in line to meet Pastor Ock Soo Park.


At 5 PM, all the groups gathered at Freedom Square in Makerere University for the main event. It began with a bright dance by the Righteous Stars, cultural performances, special guest lectures, music concert by the Gracias Choir and finally, Pastor Ock Soo Park’s lecture. The participants danced to the music as they saw the Good News Corps volunteers dancing to the exciting music, and sent cheers and applause. The African culture dance also connected with the audience and warmed up the atmosphere even more. The excited audience gave out shouts of joy and did not hold back their applause.


Minister Betty gave a congratulatory greeting during the special guest lecture.

“I am glad to have this mind education camp. Uganda is currently not developing due to inappropriate mindsets and bad thoughts. Change in the country starts with the youth. I hope that the IYF does various activities for the youth. I hope that the people of Uganda will be satisfied with their current situation and conditions through this Mind Education and have hope.”




The Gracias Choir Music Concert signaled the end of the Opening Ceremony performances. The brilliant piano skills of Pianist Seok Sung Hwan brought about a standing ovation. The following beautiful harmony of instrument and vocal music were so amazing. The audience could not keep back their applause, and continued to shout “Encore!” which echoed throughout Freedom Square after each performance.


Finally, Pastor Ock Soo Park came on stage to deliver the Opening Ceremony message. Pastor Ock Soo Park gave a mind lecture on people who changed after having one heart with God. Hyun Jung Choi thought that she was miserable, but was able to meet her mother’s heart through volunteering in Tanzania and experience happiness when her heart flowed with her mother.

Just as a PC can receive all kinds of data when it is connected to the supercomputer, likewise, we can experience happiness when our heart is connected to God, and can receive the love, peace, hope and joy of God.


The message of hope is being preached to the youths of Uganda. IYF is working to allow the youths of Uganda to sleep in joy and wake up in hope. The government and education officials were amazed as they attended the camp. We are so hopeful as we think about how the participants’ hearts will change and be connected.



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