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[Uganda] “We Want to Do Great Things For the Youth!”

Invitation by the Ugandan President and MOU Agreement with the Ministry of Education Regarding Mind Education Curriculum


On August 6th, 2016, the second meeting between Pastor Ock Soo Park and the Ugandan President took place. The President and the First Lady (current Minister of Education) opened their hearts to Pastor Ock Soo Park and promised to support and help the IYF at government level, wishing that the IYF carry out activities in Uganda as must as desired.

This meeting took place by the will of the President to introduce the First Lady, who is the Minister of Education, to Pastor Ock Soo Park.



In the morning if the 6th, Pastor Ock Soo Park visited the Kampala Church in Uganda. “I think God sent me back to Uganda because I couldn’t preach the Words to the brothers and sisters at the last time I visited,” he expressed.

“There was a sculptor. There was a huge rock but it looked like an angel in the eyes of the sculptor. He sculpted it for a month, two months, one year, two years and so on with a big hammer. As time passed, it was no longer a giant rock but an angel. In 1962, I was like the giant rock before I met Jesus. There was no love, joy or happiness. But God sculpted an angel, hope, and Jesus in my rock-like heart. Jesus engraves love, hope, and peace on us. He makes hope and joy in difficulty. We have such a Jesus inside us. Although we seem like we are poor, we are rich. Although it seems like we have nothing, we have everything.”




The Words preached by Pastor Ock Soo Park sculpted the rock-like hearts of the brothers and sisters and revealed the Jesus inside. After a commemorative photo with the brothers and sisters, he and his company head towards the Ministry of Education escorted by the police VIP lead car.







The MOU between the IYF and the Ministry of Education that was prepared since two months ago received final approval from the Ministry of Justice and an MOU signing ceremony took place on the spot. Through the MOU, the closer cooperation will take place with the Ministry of Education to progress the Mind Education.


“The Mind Education is truly needed in Uganda. Before teaching the students, the teachers must learn the mind first. We plan to carry out mind education with the IYF for the teachers.” (Dr. Jane / Minister of Education Teachers’ Training Education Executive)


Pastor Ock Soo Park and his company headed towards the State House located beside Entebbe International Airport. Before the meeting with the President, lunch was served at the State House. When they entered the meeting room by guidance of the staff, the President of Uganda and the First Lady who had been waiting for Pastor Ock Soo Park for a long time welcomed them.



The President first mentioned the matters that were discussed at the previous meeting and thanked the IYF for cooperating with the Ministry of Education to carry out the work speedily. Pastor Ock Soo Park explained how he will work with the IYF to educate and change the youth of Uganda to the President and the Education Minister.


Next, the Deputy-Minister of Education spoke, “Good afternoon, I have created a team as the Minister had instructed me. Also, the executives of the Ministry of Education are together as well as the officials of prison, police, and military. We have agreed to the IYF in playing a pivotal role in the change of mind in Uganda. And our Ministry of Education has approved the MOU in order to carry out a program that trains the teachers first.”

The President and the First Lady completely opened their hearts left the education of the youth of Uganda in the hands of Pastor Ock Soo Park and the IYF. They promised to support everything possible and looked forward for the IYF work greatly. Especially, the President directly instructed the Minister and Deputy-Minister to lend land to build education facilities and a youth centre and provide a building that IYF can work in immediately. Although it was a short meeting, the MOU was already signed with the executives beforehand, and since the President trusted and relied on Pastor Ock Soo Park and the IYF, much time was not required.







The President and First Lady stepped outside together and suggested that a photo be taken together. After taking a commemorative photo, Pastor Ock Soo Park prayed for the President, the First Lady and Uganda.


“Holy Heavenly Father, we have discussed for the youth. Please give wisdom to the President and the Minister of Education (First Lady) and help the Government pour their hearts for the future of the youth. Also, let the hearts of the youth be joyous and blessed. You have planned this and God please fulfill it. Thank you. In Jesus name we pray.”

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