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[Ukraine] World Camp Plants a Message of Change in Kiev

Meeting with the citizens of Kiev through the Easter Cantata

On the third day of the camp, the event venue was lively than any other day to welcome the main speaker. The was an air of excitement as news came that the main speaker Pastor Ock Soo Park was going to arrive a day earlier than the expected schedule in the morning of April 26th.

Pastor Ock Soo Park who arrived at around 10am shook hands with each and every brother and sister that filled the venue and welcomed him with applause and he expressed his joy and thanks at the podium right after the welcoming performance of the Gracias Choir.


“I was very sad that I had not been able to come to the first world camp in Ukraine held 2 years ago. I could have been unable to come to Ukraine this year as well. By the grace of God however, I have been able to have changes in my schedule that brought me to the Ukraine world camp a day earlier and you don’t know how happy I am to be here with you all.”


In the evening, after the Easter Cantata performance of the Gracias Choir, Pastor Ock Soo Park preached the Words in John chapter 2 about the Wedding in Canaan. The words, ‘Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it’ is like a kidney illness patient who can enjoy a healthy life if he receives transplantation; when we throw away our thoughts and receive the heart of Jesus, we can live like Him.

On the other hand, before the start of the evening performance at around 7:30pm, Christian broadcasting station SNL that was connected since last year revisited the world camp site. SNL is being broadcasted throughout 115 nations worldwide and it is not only the most influential Christian broadcast in Ukraine but also throughout the Central Asian region.

Besides the questions that the visiting reporter prepared, one of them was “How is the youth camp carried out based on the bible?” and Pastor Ock Soo Park answered by giving the example of the Prodigal Son who shifted his heart to his father’s house although his body was still in the pig’s pen — that if the world of the heart is learnt, life can be lead in strength without falling into despair in whatever circumstances is faced with and that he wished to teach this heart to the youths.


Lastly, to the question of ‘what do you hope to achieve through this camp?‘ he answered ‘change in youths’ without hesitation.

In the evening, there was an Easter Cantata performance. The powerful music of the Gracias Choir and the in-depth acting of the choir members was enough to take the audience that filled the seats to the Golgotha Hill two thousand years ago. The audience was saddened by the pain Jesus went through and cheered when He resurrected.


The world camp site was heated and the stage and audience became one. Now, the hearts of many youths of Ukraine are changing through the Words. It is hopeful to think that the resurrection of Jesus will become strength in their lives.


Beginning with the first world camp in 2014, this year’s world camp is already the 3rd one in Kiev. This year, through the Easter Cantata, Christian Leader’s Forum, mind lecture etc. new programs, there is a wave of change in Kiev.

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