[US Cantata, Jacksonville] Amazing! I have never seen a performance like this.

Christmas Cantata in Jacksonville Jacksonville is a big port city, but the downtown has a quiet and solemn atmosphere. You cannot spot any bars on the streets, and only one McDonalds store. People dress unpretentiously, and they are always willing to help others. Half of the downtown areas consist of Baptist churches, and that shows how devoted the citizens of Jacksonville are to Christianity. Unfortunately, there are many people tied down to the commandments in their spiritual lives.

After receiving the letter of gratitude from the mayor of Jacksonville, Missionary Park Se Young could meet the administrative assistant, mayor’s personal assistant, and Pastor Collie couple when he visited the City Hall to invite them for the Christmas Cantata.

“I’m really excited when I see the programs. The performance seems to be very beautiful and colorful. I would like to take my grandchildren to the concert.” – Ellie

“Pleasure to meet you. The mayor is not available at the moment but I would like to attend. This would be a great performance for Jacksonville.” – Christine

It was the second time to have the Christmas Cantata in Jacksonville, where the St. Johns River flows. 2,300 citizens gathered in Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts to greet the Christmas Cantata performance.

Music heals people’s hearts. Especially, the Christmas Cantata is like the Tabernacle, where you can meet the holiness and righteousness of God when you listen to their music. Whoever it is, if they open up and listen to the music, they can feel the overwhelming love of God.

We’ve met Pastor Collie’s couple at the lobby after the performance. They were overwhelmed with tears in their eyes saying, “Thank you so much for inviting us. It was wonderful!”

“The place is so beautiful. Thank you so much for inviting us. The first act was very beautiful and I was overwhelmed. It was as if I was in another world when I was watching the savior being born. I have never imagined that I would watch a performance like this here. It was such an honor. Pastor Park Young Kook’s message and missionary Choi Yohan’s story testified how God works. The word ‘BUT’ is so amazing. We say we are dirty, ‘BUT’ Jesus redeemed us! This is an amazing message. Thank you.”

This was the third time for Tom Lanbert & Fellion couple to see the performance. Every year, the performance gets better, so this year they have made a donation for the tickets. Today, the couple invited ten of their friends and the youths of Jacksonville.

“I had tears in my eyes when the angels came out in the first act!”

The holiness and glory of God in the music and the message of the Cantata was so pure, the people could not help but to be amazed.

“This is my second time watching the performance. We heard that there would be another performance this year, so we invited seven people in Chipotle, and gave them tickets saying that they really need to meet Jesus. We invited some friends in the neighborhood.” – Marth & Buttler

“The vocalists were world-class and the choir was amazing. I’m going to upload the news about the Gracias Choir and find more information about them on facebook as soon as I get home. If I could, I would have followed them to Orlando to listen to their music.” – Peterson

“I could watch the performance because the church members that were doing promotion gave us the pamphlets and told us about this. The music and the message were amazing. All three of us watched the performance for the first time. As I listened to the message about the Tabernacle, I became righteous, and I became holy. Thank you!” Carry, Dorian, and Charles from Impact Church.

“Hallelujah! It was so amazing. I am going to come back next year. The message was amazing. Jesus lives!” -Jackie

“I have been coming to the Cantata since 2011. The story of the performance, and the pastor’s message is amazing. I’m going to come back next year too.” Jennifer, Ashley

“The message from first act and the Christmas message was very good. It touched deep inside my heart. This is the third year coming to the performance, and I am amazed every year!” –Jennifer(middle) and her family

“I’m going to bring more people to watch next year. The performance was very loveable and I hope they would perform for a long time.” –Laurisa, Valleria, Fabian, Briselle

“I would like to introduce this performance to my mother in Texas. The orchestra’s music and the Hallelujah song was fantastic. The message was great, too.” – Jason, Billy

“Wonderful!” “Amazing!” “Great!” “Beautiful!” The Gracias Christmas Cantata gathered and inspired the 2,300 people on that night. The citizens of Jacksonville who were suffering in sin were exiting the lobby filled with joy with excitement on their faces. The people have gathered with their family, friends, and neighbors and were amazed by the performance. They have changed and were happy because of the Cantata! Their happiness, joy, and excitement make all the effort and hours of driving on city tours worthwhile. It is truly exciting to see how God will work in the people of Miami, where the next performance is scheduled.

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