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[USA] Dallas Camp Melting Our Hearts in the Cold Winter

The Dallas Winter Camp, which began on Christmas Day to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, entered its full schedule from the 26th. Various programs were available for all, ranging from Sunday school students to senior members, to allow families to spend a joyful time together at the year-end. More than anything else, the Word allowed the participants to breathe in gratitude and joy. The saints exhaled their thoughts and inhaled the Word.

In the early morning, Missionary Jaehun Shin from Mexico City delivered a message, followed by Missionary Hakcheol  Kim from Bangkok delivering the morning message on the 26th. During these sessions, they testified to the works of God changing nations when they stepped forward along the path of God, regardless of cultural and language differences.

Dallas Winter Camp with Korean Camp

Amidst the chilly winter weather, Dallas was ablaze with the Korean Language Camp. We received the heart of the servant to send students from the United States to the World Camp in Korea and also as Short Term missionaries, and prepared an organization called, "Trip to Korea".

Before the camp, festivals named "Taste of Korea" were set up in various cities, including Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Oklahoma City, and Los Angeles, inviting people. About 6,000 students participated in each region, and those students were invited to the Korean Camp in Dallas.

In the morning, they went to Busan, introducing the attractions of Busan and tasting Busan fish cakes. The experience stories of foreign volunteer students who visited Korea stirred the hearts of students who were interested in Korea, creating a desire for change through the program.

In the afternoon, they made traditional Korean rice cakes and learned about Korean palace life by creating a model of Gyeongbokgung Palace. They also enjoyed Korean MZ games and had a pleasant time through the skincare session, which is of great interest to both men and women. Particularly, a traditional play team called the Texas Arirang Group taught students traditional play, providing them with a fresh experience.

Meeting with Pastor Ock Soo Park and VIPs

Meetings with Pastor Ock Soo Park, the main speaker of the Dallas Winter Camp, and various dignitaries were also underway.

Meeting with Angela Moore, a member of the Georgia House of Representatives, and Pastor Ock Soo park

During the meeting with Angela Moore, a member of the Georgia House of Representatives, Pastor Ock Soo Park expressed gratitude, saying, "During the Korean War, the sacrifice of many young Americans made it possible for present-day Korea." Angela Moore, a member of the House of Representatives from Georgia, responded with deep emotion, saying, "My father was a Korean War veteran." Pastor Park continued by conveying the eternal message of atonement, saying, "In the Old Testament, sin was forgiven with sheep and goats, but Jesus came to this land as God's lamb and washed away our sins forever." Representative Angela Moore expressed joy, saying, "I used to seek forgiveness every time I sinned, but today my sins have been washed away forever."

Milton Peraza, Consul of El Salvador, Pablo Leonardo, Consul of Guatemala, and Meeting with Pastor Ock Soo Park

Subsequently, meetings were held with Milton Peraza, Consul of El Salvador in Dallas, and Pablo Leonardo, Consul of Guatemala. Pastor Park delivered the Gospel through the Word of Leviticus 4, saying, "Sins are recorded on the horns of the altar and the mercy seat, but by the blood of Jesus, our sins in our hearts have been completely washed away." The consuls exclaimed "Amen" after hearing the gospel. Pastor Park also invited the consuls to visit Korea.

Diverse Program Evening Worship

In the evening, the camp continued with a prayer by Missionary Kim Jong-ho from Myanmar, followed by a dance performance by the Memphis Bell Dance Team. Then a play was performed by the New York Youth Drama Team portraying the process of dropping the Hiroshima atomic bomb called "Clear Skies," and the Gracias Choir performed a variety of pieces.

Pure and passionate dance performance by the Memphis Bell

Drama by the youth of the New York church depicting God's judgment through the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima during World War II

Drama by the youth of the New York church depicting God's judgment through the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima during World War II

Performance by the Gracias Choir

On the second evening, Pastor Ock Soo Park powerfully conveyed the grace of salvation accomplished through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, not through deeds, using the Word of John 5.

"It is finished. Jesus received the punishment for sins. Our sins have ended. Jesus' blood has washed away the sins of all of you!" After Pastor Ock Soo Park's words, the audience continued to shout "Amen."

"Jesus' words entered the heart of a paralyzed man, whose condition had persisted for 38 years, and the words of Jesus conquered the feeling of being unable to walk. That is God's grace. God wants to bestow grace upon us. Many people think we need to do something for the Lord, but we have nothing to do. Jesus died on the cross for us."

Portia Gordon from Atlanta expressed, "Tonight, when the pastor said we are no longer sinners but righteous, it was a message that opened my eyes, which had been trapped in my thoughts for a long time while attending church. I am extremely grateful to be here in the presence of God."

Where the world has frozen due to the El Niño phenomenon, Dallas continues to experience warm weather by God's grace. The Winter Camp in Dallas is like a warm cup of tea for tense muscles by the winter chill, is melting hearts even more warmly.

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