[US] Easter Cantata Tour, the Beginning of New Chapter of God’s Works

2017 Gracias Choir Easter Cantata Tour

Gracias Choir’s Easter cantata tour led to the salvation of many people in 23 churches across New York last spring, and it has finally returned in a year. This year’s Easter cantata tour is more meaningful, especially as it is ahead of the World Christian Leaders’ Fellowship (CLF) gathering in March.

On February 19th, the Gracias Choir is up early in the morning preparing for the first Easter Cantata stage.

The first stop of this tour is Dios Pentecostal Sinai Church in New Jersey. The church was a beautiful building with a rounded arched auditorium and stained glass windows that embroider each wall. Even though there was no light, the sun shining from the window made the church feel warm and bright.

Even though the performance began from eleven o’clock, people stood in line an hour before the opening with excitement on their faces.

The host of Dios Pentecostal Sinai church welcomed the choir in Korean that he practiced in advance.

Finally when the performance began, people were completely fascinated by the choir’s music. The audience were breathless in the magnificent music that captured them every moment and soon sunk into the cantata.

In the latter half of the performance, when Jesus rose from the grave, soprano Park Jin Young sang “He Arose”, the people rose from their seats and gave a thunderous applause. A lady sitting in the corner swept a tear.

In the faces of those people who were cheering and applauding for Jesus who resurrected, there was joy that was not seen in the beginning of the performance.

After the performance, there was an Easter message from Pastor Kim Youngho, Goodnews New Jersey church.

“There is no one who can escape from sin by their own strength. That’s why God sent Jesus. Jesus fulfilled eternal atonement once and for all, with his own blood. Your thoughts are different from God’s thoughts. When you realize, ‘Oh, I see! I am not a sinner!’ That is when we become one with God”

“Amen!” People replied Pastor Kim’s words with conviction in their voices.

Pastor Ariel Torres was born in a poor family and began ministry in Puerto Rico. He came to the United States 30 years ago continuing his ministry and suffered through many difficulties. However, he said with tears in his eyes, that God did not abandon him and was always with him. We were able to feel that God has prepared for a long time to save his soul.

“Thank you so much for coming. The performance of the choir was really amazing. The Music, the voice.. Everything. I would like to congratulate you and learn how you could attract so many young people. I was in church for 62 years, but I really cried when I saw the cantata today. I could feel God so close to my heart. I would like to congratulate the Gracias Choir so much and ask for an encore performance if I could. It is a great pleasure for me that God had sent you. I feel it is a very good gift from God. I also want to participate in the CLF too. I completely agree with Pastor Park’s on his thoughts about eternal forgiveness, and I really want to hear more about how we can apply it in our daily lives. I fell in love with you through the cantata today. Please think of me as family. Pray for us to go to CLF! ”

  1. Dios Pentecostal Sinai Church, Ariel R. Torres

Recently, many people in the United States have been nervous about things that are going on. For them, this Easter cantata tour is not just a musical performance, but gospel that can save their souls.

It is very hopeful to think about what great works of gospel this Easter cantata tour will bring to New York.

This Easter cantata tour will be held from 21st February to 9th April on weekends and will be held in 21 churches.





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