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[US] Freed from Inquiries, Gaining a New Vision through the Christian Leaders Fellowship

2017 Christian Leaders Fellowship


The participants of the ‘The Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF)’ are enjoying the most wonderful time, discovering the world of faith that the Bible speaks of, through a variety of programs such as Academies, Symposiums, Group Fellowships, Music Performances and the Main Message.

On the 7th of March, at Mahanaim, located in New York, Huntington, there were a lot of smiling faces in spite of the tight schedule which begins at 6.30am. The participants cannot help but agree that the CLF is an event that is being managed by God.

CLF Academy, “How Do We Believe in the Word?”

Theological academies which were split up into 14 different themes such as Mission Work in America, Faith and Health, the Law, the History of Church, and Mission Work in a Communist Country, providing the precisely correct education that is required during ministry.

While listening to the fresh testimonies from real life, for the first time, the participants learnt how to believe in the word and how to apply it to their lives in a practical manner.



“I went to the Mission academy for Muslim countries, and Pastor Young Chul Kim, who ministers in Kazakhstan, gave the testimony of becoming deported while ministering in Uzbekistan.

I heard about how he was deported from Uzbekistan and was despised by the people while the brothers and sisters of his church were also taken away. I was able to recognize the importance of the gospel as I felt that God had protected him because he was a man of God preaching the gospel despite such difficulties. Moreover, I had the opportunity to look back on my life. I thought about how in Islam, they do not have a lot of freedom, but as Christians we live without thankfulness although we live with so much more freedom.”

-Pastor Leon Ferguson, New York


“In the Faith and Health academy, Pastor In Soo Hu spoke about the patient who had tongue cancer. Pastor said to that patient, “You are a happy person. You are a healthy person.” At first, when the patient heard that, he could not believe but when he did have faith, he was able to become healed from the cancer in his tongue and become a happy person. My heart also changed into happiness as I had the thought that if I also have the heart of faith in God, that I would become full of joy.

-Pastor Luis Mendez Vera, Mexico

CLF Symposium

“I Have Been Freed from Unanswerable Inquiries to Receive a New Vision in My Ministry”



In the afternoon, the groups were split into 8 groups and they held the Pastors Symposium.

This was a time for fellowship, where one could speak honestly about the inquiries that they had and learn precisely about different aspects of the word that they did not know about. The Symposium was split into 4 subjects, Repentance and Confession, Faith and Works, Justification and Sanctification, and Truth and Heresy.



The enthusiasm shown by the participants in the groups (which were divided according to different countries and languages) during the debate was outstanding. They agreed with one another and sometimes even heatedly disagreed with one another but there could only be hope as the thrill of learning was still inside God.




“I participated in “Repentance and Confession” and it was a very good opportunity for me to debate with other ministers about this topic. Especially, after the debate, Pastor Hee Jin Park, went through verse by verse to talk about this theme and it was so wonderful.

There were inquiries about the concepts that I could not solve in my heart but I felt as though those inquiries were freed while listening to the word. Especially, through today’s academy, I was able to have certainty. There are really not many churches that have this certainty.

I am ministering in Argentina, so this time I didn’t want to come to USA because it was so far.

However, as I have come and am now participating in the CLF, I am so thankful that I was able to participate in this CLF. I truly think that this is the grace of God.

I am also a minister but a lot of churches just do religious work. Everyone tries to do it by themselves and is ignoring the grace of God. However, I feel that the grace of God appears here the most.

I am so excited about the CLF because I feel like I will able receive a new vision for my ministry.”

-Pastor Oscar Morales, ‘Cristina Ministerio Nuevo Tiempo’ Church

CLF Main Lecture

“If God Says that I am Righteous, Then I am Righteous.”

Pastor Ock Soo Park (Main Speaker of CLF) preaches the clear message of the gospel twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.


“Romans 3:21 begins with the word, “But”. This one word completely changes the meaning of any sentence. There is no person in the world that can become righteous by keeping all the laws. That is why God has given us the second covenant. The owner of the whole universe says, “BUT you are righteous, BUT you are justified, BUT you are sanctified.” If God says that we are righteous then we are righteous!” (From the Morning Session on the Second Day)


“For a long time, I could not believe that Jesus had washed away my sins. However, as soon as I believed in that, God has been with me in my life. Whether you understand the Word of God or not, you must believe it. Folks, it is recorded in the Bible that we have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus. Then, we are righteous. We are sanctified! When you believe in this truth, God will be with you in your life and your life will change, experiencing the God of power and having joy in your life.” (From the Evening Session on the Second Day)

Whenever Pastor Ock Soo Park read a verse about the redemption of sin, other ministers shouted, “Amen!” and gave a warm applause. We were able to feel the hearts of the people who were reacting sensitively to the gospel.


“The word of Pastor Ock Soo Park is so easy to understand. It is not through my own righteousness but through Jesus Christ who had died on the cross. This really touched my heart. It was so refreshing to see that there was such a great difference between the law through me and the law through Jesus Christ and my heart became so much more at peace after learning that there is nothing for me to do.”

-Pastor Joseph Mvyangata, Brooklyn


“We have come from Mexico. We woke up early in the morning to take part in the schedule all day long at Mahanaim. However, we are not tired at all and had such a fun time. The theology class that I attended really stuck to my mind. It was great. Pastor spoke about the heart of God and told us that it is not that we must work to try and receive something from God but that all we have to do is just receive the heart of God. Through this CLF, I want to learn a lot and gain the heart of God.”

-Victor and Elsa

While doing an interview with one minister from India we could see the happiness from his eyes. He said, “As I was listening to the explanation of the tabernacle, I was so indulged in the joy of learning as it was so fun and beneficial. It was like I was in a trance, a feeling that we get while we listen to beautiful music.”

There are those who still struggle to understand salvation enough to speak of the gospel or those who have difficulty laying down their own thoughts. However, whether one says the wrong thing or there is a heated debate, this place has been filled with the wisdom of God that everyone can learn from.

“Come now, let us reason together, […] Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow. Though they are red like crimson, they shall be as wool.”

Just like this word in Isaiah 1:18, while they reason and have fellowship with one another, we are hopeful of God who will lead the many participants to salvation.



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