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[US] Live Interviews from Easter Cantata

2016 Gracias Easter Cantata Tour


On the 6th of March, two churches in the lively city of Manhattan also known as the heart of New York and the city of youth and fashion, were scheduled to hold the Easter Cantata.

The people we met there and live interviews taken are revealed.


At the ninth Alianza Oasis Church, 400 people stood close in the back as there were no seats available. People who couldn’t find space in the back even stood at the stairs leading the ground floor and 2nd floor to see the performance.






Pastor Terry Henderson of New York Church preached the gospel of salvation in detail through the Scriptures in Hebrews 9:11~12 and 1 Corinthians 6:10~11.


No doubt the legs of the people standing must have hurt from standing for too long but no one moved an inch from their places until the entire performance and sermon was over. Instead, everyone listened attentively to each and every word of Pastor and responded with laughter.




How was the performance? A. It was amazing! I could see the performance, songs, chorus all seemed to have been prepared wholeheartedly. I could feel the Holy Spirit working through the entire performance. The part I liked the most was when Jesus resurrected. It was great joy to see how Jesus resurrected through the songs of the Choir.


How was the sermon of Pastor Terry? A. The message of the Pastor was also very good. It was very detailed and clear. My favorite part was when we learned about the tabernacle on earth and in Heaven; it was the tabernacle in Heaven that Jesus had gone to after resurrection!

In that case, are you sure that your sins are eternally washed away now? A. Amen. We have become eternally righteous because Jesus washed away our sins at the tabernacle in Heaven.


You were crying throughout the performance. Why? A. It’s been five years since I’ve been going to church and I’m learned what Jesus had done for us through the bible. But watching the Easter Cantata was so special. It felt like I was back in that time. I was able to see for myself Jesus’ love and washing away my sins to give me eternal life. Thank you very much.


Pastor Terry explained in detail the meaning of the word ‘but’ through the Scriptures in 1 Corinthians 6:10~11. What do you think about this? A. The word “but” is used often in daily life but I never knew this word was so important. If it weren’t for these words, there would never have been a before and after. They were all words of hope to me. If there weren’t Jesus, there would never have been salvation for an eternal life.

In that case, are you sure that your sins are eternally washed away now? A. Yes! I am completely 200% certain! I feel like I have become a new person. I feel special and loved. I am born again.


How was the performance? A. It was amazing, wonderful, and impressive. I don’t really to theaters, and it’s the first time to see a performance live. The entire performance was very good, and the most impressive scene was when Jesus was walking out.

You also heard the sermon of the Pastor. Are you sure that your sins have been eternally washed away? A. Amen! We have received salvation through the Lord and, we have gained eternal life. I am so thankful that Jesus died for us on the cross.


How was the performance? A. It was really good. It was beyond expectation and it was something I had never seen before until now. Especially the scene where Jesus resurrected and met with his two disciples was really amazing.

You also heard the sermon of the Pastor. A. I have heard many sermons before but, he really pinpointed it. Jesus died for me and resurrected. He has already paid the cost of all my sins. Whatever sin I sin, “but”, Jesus was there and He gave us salvation. He made us righteous. Everything was so gracious. I think everyone returned with these Words in their hearts. It is impossible not to have thought about these Words.



On the other hand, there was a small church with a beautiful building over 100 years old called the Brazilian Church of Manhattan, NYC; the tenth church to hold the performance. The couple pastors, Wolmar and Mayra Faria had great passion towards God.







After the Choir’s performance was over, Pastor Bang Won Park delivered the Easter message of the tabernacle in Heaven and on earth, as was always done.

Pastor Bang Won Park said that Jesus had completely paid the cost of our sins and made us eternally righteous.



How was the performance? A. The performance was very good. I cried. The part I liked the most was the scene when Jesus resurrected after death. I was moved by the Holy Spirit. The scene of Peter was also good.

Pastor Bang Won Park spoke about eternal redemption. What are your thoughts on it? A. I sin but I learned that Jesus died on the cross and saved me. I believe it’s a great blessing.


How was the performance? A. It was really good! I’ve seen a cantata for the first time and, it was really gracious to see the works Jesus had done. It was really beautiful.

You also heard the sermon of the Pastor. A. I was able to learn in detail why Jesus had died for us. Many people don’t know this fact and the Pastor explained it carefully part by part.

In that case, are you sure that your sins are eternally washed away now? A. Yes. Jesus died for the sins of this world which is why I no longer have any sins.


How was the performance? A. It was really good! I was surprised. It brought me to tears and it stole my heart. It was truly beautiful.

How did you find out about the Gracias Choir and the Good News New York Church? A. I received a call from the co-pastor of New York Church and we went to the Christian Leader’s Meeting together.

Is there something you would like to say to the Choir? A. I really want to tell everyone congratulations. You are the channel of God for blessing people. You have also blessed my life. Hallelujah! (Laughs).

The 2016 Gracias Choir Easter Cantata will continue on the 11th  of March at Bronx.

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