[US] “My Sins Have Been Washed Once for All!”

2016 Gracias Easter Cantata Tour & Local Churches’ Invitation Conference

As many people receive salvation wherever the Gracias Choir goes, there are two weeks left until the 2016 Easter Cantata Tour ends. This Easter Cantata Tour is not taking place in venues as big in scale as the Christmas Cantata Tour with thousands of people. However, they are touring local churches in New York and delivering a deep message of the gospel. At the same time, the invitation conference of local churches centered on the Good News Mission New York Church is gaining momentum.

  1. *15th Easter Cantata


On the 18th of March, the Gracias Choir headed towards Bronx. Bronx is a city above Manhattan and the church that invited us was New Covenant Dominion Cathedral where Pastor Joseph A. Alexander was in charge. This church is one of the churches that invited us at the 2013 Easter Cantata Tour and we had lost touch for a while until this year’s tour where we came in touch again.

After the performance began, the bustling atmosphere turned sincere.