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[US] Now Call Us the ‘Good News’ Connecticut Church

2016 Gracias Easter Cantata Tour


It was a series of heart-touching moments. From February 21st, the Easter Cantata performance that has been taking place every weekend was carried out in a customized form according to the size of the stage of the local church. However, on the 19th of March, a full version of the 2016 Gracias Easter Cantata was introduced at the grand hall of Fair Haven Middle School located in New Haven, Connecticut.



The audience seemed to be in a great state of anticipation. A long line of audience waited outside the school building hours before the beginning of the performance and filled the 1350 seats inside the hall. When the orchestra opened the doors and entered, a roar of applause and cheers greeted the Choir.

Finally, the curtains opened for the Cantata to begin and in a moment, the audience was overwhelmed by the Choir’s great scale; the stage, music, acting and the message. The new version of the Easter Cantata presented with a beautiful set as background was truly beyond imagination. The Choir included various scenes such as the last supper, and even more lines to unravel the Bible in more detail.







The audience’s expressions were distorted as Jesus was whipped and immersed in sadness as he was nailed to the cross, sharing his pain. When Jesus dies, the hall was filled with the sound of sniffing.





“Amen! Hallelujah!” Each time Jesus showed himself to his disciples and the women after he was resurrected from death, the sound of applause and cheers were heard from the seats.





Pastor Young Guk Park of Good News New York Church once again compared the tabernacle in heaven and on earth as he carefully explained how Jesus had fulfilled eternal redemption.


“Pastor Champagne is a member of our New Haven Association of pastors and he invited and many others from the association. The performance was really amazing. There was strength and power. When Jesus died on the cross, I was brought before that cross. I am very glad I was able to come today. There is great significance in walking with Jesus in the future. The sermon of the Pastor was also very strong and meaningful. I really thank you for performing the Cantata.” -New Haven Freedom Missionary Baptist Church Head Pastor and New Haven Association President, James Newman


“To be honest, every part was so touching I kept on tearing. Today I saw Jesus die and come back alive again. It was very beautiful. Jesus didn’t simply die but came back alive to make us righteous. Also, the Pastor talked about how Jesus fulfilled eternal redemption and as the Pastor had said, we are sanctified, righteous, and holy. It was really amazing. I am so thankful. Next time there is any event or meeting like this, I surely want to attend.” -Alicia and Danny


“The performance was such a great blessing to me. It was really touching. I’m truly thankful for such beautiful event. All the people who came to see the performance today was awakened. This is because we have been redeemed and we have received salvation. I am very very thankful of everything you have done. It was really the best. I was lost in sin. But the Lord came into my heart and made me into a new creation. I have gained new life. Despite my evil and having committed sin, Jesus washed it all away. I have become a new creation; through the blood of Jesus. Jesus is my new Lord. I feel freedom! This is because Jesus you have bought me back with your blood. Hallelujah! Thank you. Thank you very much.” -Anna


“I come from ‘True Jesus is My Love Church in Queens. I came with my pastor and 4 or 5 other church members from my church and we saw the Christmas Cantata last year in December. I also attended the Christian Leaders’ Meeting before the Cantata today and it was really good and there was a lot to learn from. The sermon was somewhat different.

Also, the performance was really moving. We know Jesus but we never knew the true works he had fulfilled on the cross. My heart was moved as I saw the true work of Jesus through the Easter Cantata.

Before this, I only thought Easter to be a commercial holiday but as I saw the Easter Cantata today, my thoughts about the true meaning of Easter changed. Because Jesus gave his life, not what I have done but through the love of Jesus towards me, I have become righteous irrespective of whatever I have ever done. I have become a new creation because Jesus came to be with me. I have become eternally righteous. Jesus has given me eternal life. I have neither sin nor condemnation because Jesus washed away my sin eternally once and for all. I have become eternally washed because there is no time in heaven. Heaven is eternal. This is just like true redemption. I have been truly saved. This is eternal. Not for a day or week nor a month of year but forever. This is eternal redemption.” -Jimmy Beltron

However, all of this began with Pastor Jose Champagne who received salvation last year at the World Christian Leaders’ Workshop (WCLW).


Pastor Jose met with Pastor Park Ock Soo while he attended the WCLW in Dallas last year and received salvation through the sermon of Jesus fulfilling eternal redemption at the tabernacle in heaven. He said, “I have ministered for over 30 years and read the bible many times and taught the bible to the brothers and sisters but I have never understood it so simply and clearly before,” and prepared the Easter Cantata in order to teach this gospel to his church members and to preach the gospel to the many people of New Haven.

While preparing for this year’s Easter Cantata, there were difficulties in finding a venue and preparing for the event but only God worked in everything. The brothers and sisters of New York Church made 30,000 ‘Dear Neighbor’ letters to promote the Cantata. Despite the rain and cold weather, 60 volunteers went around each house in New Haven, Connecticut and invited the people. Having seen this, Pastor Jose, who always felt alone while preparing many big and small events to preach to the people of Connecticut, said in tears that God has given him a new family called the Good News Mission.

In fact, Sister Anna, one of the church members of Pastor Jose’s church spoke about the Cantata preparation process.


“I am a member of the church in which Pastor Jose ministers in. Pastor spoke a lot about the Good News Mission since about a month and a half ago, and he spoke a lot about the great good news that your church was bringing to this region. We heard about today’s Cantata since a few weeks ago and we had time to prepare the Cantata. We visited every church, gave out flyers, and invited people. Personally, I would stop people and talk to them about the Cantata when I would go shopping. As I finally saw the Cantata today I was really happy and it’s the first time I or even my church has seen such a great performance. The message was also very clear. Jesus died for our eternal redemption. We have witnessed this great news and we were able to talk about it with other people. I was very moved as I saw the many people we had invited realizing the true meaning of Easter. It was a true blessing in my life. I believe the other members felt the same.” -Anna, church member of Pastor Jose’s church

Before this event, the church members of Connecticut church experienced the grace of God as they gave out flyers, and we were thankful to see how they resembled our Good News Mission in that way they were filled with testimonies.


“It was so wonderful and I am happy. First, I want to truly thank Pastor Ock Soo Park and, I had really wanted to work with the Good News Mission. From December, this church has brought great change to my life. The Cantata today was something I had never experienced in my life. Through the many scenes, emotions, and people, a really clear message was delivered. I thank Pastor Young Guk Park and all the missionaries as well as the volunteers. I was alone all this time. But what I realized today for sure is that I have a family. I could feel I was being loved not for my outward appearance but just as I am. Many people don’t know Christ. I kept on crying while watching the Cantata. It was a truly beautiful Cantata and I hope that God blesses them all. The church members also said that the Cantata was really grand and beautiful. Also, they say they were very moved while listening to the Pastor’s sermon. The 30 pastors we invited also came.

After getting to know this mission, my heart was connected with them. My life changed after going to Dallas. The difference before and after having known this mission is very big. I no longer want to step back but enter as a family into the Good News Mission. The Mission gave me so many things and I have received a great blessing. My life and heart has changed. The love of many pastors and the union of brothers really embraced me greatly.” -Pastor Jose Champagne

Pastor Jose who asked, “Is there a Good News Mission Church in Connecticut?” having received a reply “None,” immediately declared, “Then from now onwards I am Pastor Champagne Jose of ‘Good News Mission Connecticut Church’.“ The promise of 500 churches throughout the US spoken through the servant of God; He works powerfully even today to fulfill this promise.

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