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[US] NY World Camp’s Joyous Moments and Midsummer Christmas Cantata

Fourth Day of the 2016 World Camp in New York



On the 24th August, after the Mind Lecture, each student took their lunch and got on the bus. Their eyes were filled with resolution and enthusiasm.


The places that were visited by the students were places such as hospitals, parks, museums and farms, which need a lot of help as it is a non-profit organisation, but have caused headaches because of the lack of volunteers. During one of the revolutionary programs of the World Camp in New York, which is the volunteering, the students were split into 14 teams and off they went to those places with their sleeves rolled up.


Even under the blazing sun at noon, the students cleaned and picked weeds with all of their heart. Although it was hot and tiring, as they were working together with the friends in their class, the thankfulness that they had long forgotten became galvanised in their hearts.



“It is a very fun program. The IYF does not teach us about staying at the hotel or going to the beach but it teaches us how to help people. Today, I did not work for myself, but I was able to learn about how to share my heart with the people who were not involved in the program. We are not just having fun but I am happy that we are able to learn things that we were not able to learn in school.”

-Steve, Challenge 3


On the other hand, the ‘World Christian Leaders’ Workshop’ (WCLW) that had the theme of the tabernacle was well on its way. On this day, Pastor Ock Soo Park preached the powerful message of the Gospel through the story of the mercy seat.



“God had put the tablets of the ten commandments in the ark and blocked them with the mercy seat. He covered it with the wings of the angels so we cannot see. God no longer wanted to rule with the law but through grace. God had showed us the way to become righteous without the law.”



“Everyone, if the CEO of Hyundai calls someone a Manager, then he becomes a manager. Just like that, if God says that you are righteous, then you are! I am righteous and so are you. This is because God is much higher that the CEO of Hyundai.”


In the evening, the participants of the World Camp had returned to the Tilles Center with a heart full of excitement to view the Christmas Cantata of the Gracias Choir.


From the moment the Choir stepped onto the stage, the audience erupted.

It had already been the 4th day since the start of the World Camp in New York. As we were listening to the Word together, sharing our hearts and even watching the Easter Cantata, the students had opened the doors of their hearts so wide that the doors seemed to be coming off.




When the people of Jerusalem were in pain because of the oppression of the Roman army, when Andrew was disappointed of having ruined his father’s work and when Della, who did not have any money, cut off her hair to buy a present for her husband, the audience were moved and filled with sadness.





On the other hand, everyone was joyful and full of laughter during the funny scenes.

The actors, orchestra and the audience formed one team. Everyone, cried, laughed and even took breaths according to the flow of the Christmas Cantata.





Between the 2nd and 3rd Act, Pastor Ock Soo Park preached the message of the Gospel.


“Everyone, no matter what kind of person you may be and what you may have done, if you are human, then the blood of Jesus has washed away all of your sins. Your sins have been washed whiter than snow. Everyone, do not be suspicious of the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus has the ability to wash away all of your sins.”


“In Act 2, I really liked the scene where Della cut her hair to buy a present of Jim and Jim sold his watch to buy a present for Della. That scene was so amazing. It showed true love. I also really liked the scene where Jim left his work to go home to his son. That means that Jim thought of his son as much more important than work. To Jim, the existence of his son was what was the most precious. It was such a meaningful message.”

-Nadezda Ireco, Truth 5


“While listening to the Word of Pastor, the most memorable thing was that Jesus had washed away all of our sins! The sins of our past, present and future! He has washed all of them. That fact really made me happy. I want to let other people know about this too.

-Jay-Ann, Dream 4



“Folks, do you believe that Jesus has washed away your sins?”


“Your sins have been washed whiter than snow.”


Although the Gracias Choir have done many Christmas Cantata performances, it is not common to see everyone in the audience say “Amen!” with one voice.

That is how touching the blood of Jesus, that had washed away our sins, was to all the people in that place and at that time.

“Everyone, I will say this again but do not be suspicious of the blood of Jesus. The fact that the blood of Jesus has washed away your sins perfectly, that is the true meaning Christmas.”

Pastor Ock Soo Park ended his message by urging the participants not to distrust the blood of Jesus. The Christmas in the summer, this was the day Jesus Christ was born in the hearts of the students.

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