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2017 Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF)

The first week of the Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF) has come to an end following the Gracias Choir Easter Cantata.

March 10th, in the afternoon, in the hall of Mahanaim, there was an ordination of five missionaries and three local pastors, giving joy to the brothers and sisters as well as other missionaries.

In spite of the fact that the CLF was an event that was being held for the first time ever, everything was perfect; from the high standard of Academies, Symposiums and clear Sermons, even to the Christian Leaders who listened with all their hearts.

The 10th of March, in the Main Hall of Mahanaim (Huntington, New York) the stage was set to 2000 years ago, just before the death of Jesus in Bethlehem. This was the first time that full version of the Easter Cantata was being performed, in the new year and the significant improvement in the animation as well as the music led the audience to make the mistake that they were actually at the scene, putting them under a trance.

As they watched the Easter Cantata, which demonstrated precisely how Jesus Christ had washed away our sins, the participants were able to engrave the gospel powerfully into their hearts once again.

Through the final CLF Lecture, Pastor Ock Soo Park (CLF Main Speaker), asked of the Christian Leaders to return to their areas and live on not by their own efforts but by the grace of God.

“If you give a wage, then it is not a gift. If you receive it after doing something, this is not grace. Grace is not something you receive because you put the effort in. You are not allowed even the tiniest part of your own efforts into the equation. The reason why spiritual life is so difficult is because we try to receive grace through our efforts and works. God does not want a wage to work for us but he wants to bestow his grace without any price tag. Everyone, do not do it through wages! I hope that you can live through grace.” (From the Message on the Final Day)

“Spiritual life is so simple and easy. The work of God flows from heart to heart and, whoever you may be, if you have the same heart as God, then you will be able to experience the work of God. Everyone, God wants to work in your hearts today. If you throw your own thoughts away, God will lead you to live a life where you will be full of joy and happiness. I hope that you can now live a life of following the Word and leading many people to God.”

(From the Message of the Final Morning)

“The CLF has been a good opportunity for ministers all over the world to meet. Through the Bible, and through Pastor Ock Soo Park, who is Korean, I have learnt a lot. Moreover, when I listen to the music of the Gracias Choir it feels like they have a message in their music.

I cannot see. That is why I cannot see the Gracias Choir with my eyes. However, as I listened to the Easter Cantata of the Gracias Choir, although I could not see, I was able to hear the message that they wanted to deliver. The sound of Jesus speaking happily to his disciples, the sound of Jesus being nailed to the cross, the sound of Jesus resurrecting and even the sound of Jesus’ voice that said that it is finished and that He will be with us until the ends of the world! As I heard those sounds, I was able to gain freedom in my heart. Jesus is with me until the ends of the world!”

– Pastor Jean David Desroses, Haiti

“The performance was fantastic! I was able to see vividly what Jesus had to go through. Especially, as I saw the suffering on the cross, I had tears in my heart.

Everything about participating in the CLF was good. Personally, the best part was the Symposium. The Lecturers really do know so much about the Bible. Also, when I was listening to the sermon in the Academy and I was able to gain a new perspective about the Bible.

Throughout the Camp, Pastor has continually said that Jesus has washed away our sins once and for all regardless of whether or not we have committed sins. Even if we sin again afterwards, Jesus boldly sits on the right-hand side of Jesus to be our lawyer.

I return to my church in Brooklyn after the CLF and moving forwards my ministry will surely change. I also want to participate in your mission work. I am also thinking of attending a few theology lessons that are to be held at Mahanaim. I want to receive training here!

The point that many people miss out on is the fact that our thoughts are different to the blood of Jesus! God’s thoughts are different to our thoughts, and God’s ways are different to our ways. But if we follow our own thoughts, we fall into trouble. Jesus Christ has shed his blood on the cross and our sins have been pardoned. This has not been done through us but through the heart of God to us.

Everything about the CLF was perfect!”

-Pastor Theresa, Children of the Light Church, Brooklyn

“I am ministering in Mexico and I was invited there so I was able to come to New York this time. Today, I saw the Easter Cantata of the Gracias Choir and it was so beautiful and so professional that I was amazed. From the beginning until the end, all the parts were fantastic and the scene of the Last Supper was so wonderful and astonishing.

During the CLF Camp, everyone was so kind to me. It is so amazing that such a big event like this could be run so smoothly. Especially, I saw that there are a lot of young people in this church, and when you are young, you have a lot of things to do but as I saw how they were really treating us with their hearts, I was really touched.

Moreover, the most touching thing for me while listening to the Word continually was that there is nothing for us to do! Until now, I thought that we should keep asking for the forgiveness of our sins but as I listened to the sermon here, I was able to realize that there is nothing that we actually can do.

I think that this Camp will be a big turning point in my ministry. Of course, I will pass on the sermons that I have learnt here and I will continue to do so.”

– Pastor Lopez, Mexico

While one watches the Easter Cantata of the Gracias Choir, the scene of the resurrected Jesus returning to the disciples is one that touches many people. Jesus did not just leave those disciples who had no faith be. Rather, he sought for them one by one and embraced them.

This was the end of the Christian Leaders Fellowship in which the works of salvation occurred daily amongst the many ministers that had gathered from 46 countries around the world. Now, it is time for them to return to their positions.

However, the hope is that Jesus Christ will now be guiding their next steps especially, when they do not require any special effort or their hard work to preach the gospel.

In the same way that Jesus had led his disciples, Jesus will lead every participant with the gospel. Through them, we have every hope that, the flowers of the gospel will blossom all around the world.





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