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[US] The Christian Leaders’ Fellowship That Will Become the Light of the Gentiles

2017 Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF)


​2017 Christian Leaders Fellowship (also known as CLF) has finally begun.

The CLF that takes place for ten days, from March 6th to 15th, is a grand scale international event with a total participant of 870; Christian Leaders from US, Russia, Mexico, India, Zambia, Peru etc. 46 nations were 750 along with 120 brothers and sisters.

After Christian Leaders Forums held in individual countries, this event held in New York, the hub the world, is where Christian leaders from each nation gather to find answers within the Words of the Bible.


The participating Christian leaders had the time to introduce themselves. When the country names were called out, the participants of the respective nations stood up, greeted the audience, and the other leaders welcomed them with applause. Excitement and joy filled the hearts of the Christian leaders, transcending religious body and denomination, who gathered to spread the gospel that would make the people of this world happy.


Pastor Ock Soo Park (CLF Main Speaker) delivered a message of hope and faith to the participants during the CLF lecture session.

“Everyone, haven’t you felt that you lack the wisdom of God while ministering? God wants to pour His wisdom unto you, but those people who think they are smart can never learn. Through this CLF, learn the faith inside the Bible and the wisdom of God. Your ministry will change wonderfully.” – (excerpted from the evening message of the first day)



“Although David went through many difficulties, hardships, and war, but wherever he went, God allowed him to live a life of victory through God. “[…]I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after mine own heart, which shall fulfill all my will.” (Acts 13:22) Because David had joined hearts with God, God was with him wherever he went and whatever he went through and allowed him to be victorious. This CLF will allow your hearts to join with God’s and become a blessed time.” – (excerpted from the morning message of the first day)


At the CLF, various programs such as symposium, group discussion, keynote lectures, choir performance, New York tour, and homestay are carried out. Amongst these programs, the participants also had academies in 14 different areas such as Faith, Faith and Health, the History of Church, the Law, Mind Education, How to Be Freed from Addiction, Mission in Buddhist Country, Mission in Communist Country, Tabernacle, Fabrication of Justification, and the Gospel. These sessions were a time to listen to the lectures and testimonies of about 20 pastors and missionaries from Korean and abroad for 4 days and learn the practical life as a Christian leader living by the faith in the Bible and wisdom of God.


“I was actually very interested in the conference and I have a lot of good memories. I came here by introduction from a Good News Mission pastor. After having come here, being together with born again saints makes it feel like I’m in Heaven, and I feel the love and grace of God. I want to learn a lot at this conference, spread it in my church, and nurture to become greater leaders. Pastor Ock Soo Park said not to fear and be bold, that strength is in the Words, and I want to engrave these Words in my heart.”

– Pastor Sallie Lloya, New Hope First Baptist Church


On other hand, as the duet of Tenor Julio Gonzalez and Soprano Jin Young Park of ‘Wonderful Counselor,’ piano solo of Pianist Seung Hwan Seok, and mixed choir performance of the Gracias Choir continued, the participating Christian leaders opened their heart widely, and they send cheers and applause at the end of the last choir song, ‘How Great Thou Art.’ The performance of the Gracias Choir presents happiness, hope, and joy in the hearts of the listeners. Therefore, they continue to shout “encore” and “bravo” and become engaged in the choir’s performance.





“I was deeply moved after listening to the choir’s music and I believe I will be motivated through this conference. I thought I had to train myself. The young people of this age do not have a future, but as I listened to the words of Pastor saying that there is wisdom and strength in the scriptures, I thought that the young generation should also gain a future through them.”

– Pastor Lawrence Oni, Queens, New York


Many unexpected people also registered the CLF.

Many Christian leaders live far away or have burden of costs, but they opened their hearts and came here. One thing for sure is that it was not our plan but the guidance of God. We saw God rejoicing in this work, expanding it, and helping in all aspects.

We are not sure of how great God will work through this CLF in the future.

750 Christian leaders from 46 countries gathered in one spot irrespective of religious body or denomination in order to preach the gospel. This event will become an opportunity to open many ways to the gospel. For this reason, we are very hopefully of the works of God that will take place for the next ten days at the CLF.



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