[US] The Christian Leaders Fellowship That Will Quickly Cover the Entire World with the Gospel

2017 Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF)

The CLF where Christian leaders from around the world gathered to reflect back on the gospel and learn faith is rising in enthusiasm with each day.

The participants are experiencing a deeper world of the scriptures through the lectures and programs continuing each day.

Moreover, as they listen to the testimony of Pastor Ock Soo Park (Main Lecturer of CLF) in whose life God worked wondrously for 55 years, the Christian leaders are becoming one with God who will also work in their hearts.

In the evening of March 9th, an unexpected incident occurred at the Mahanaim located in Huntington, New York. While the gospel was being preached fervently during an evening lecture, a Christian leader stood up and shouted in a nitpick manner,

“If you have sins, you go to hell! I’m telling you; if you have sins, you go to hell!!”

The hall was filled with murmur for a moment, and the people paid careful attention to what Pastor Ock Soo Park’s reply would be.

“He is correct. If you have sins, you will go to hell. Of course if you are a sinner then you will go to hell! But, my sins have been washed and I have none. I am righteous and holy!”

“Wow!!!!! Amen!!!!!”

The audience cheered with enthusiasm even greater than before and the hearts of the participants that shouted “Amen” were deeply moved.

Through such an incident, the gospel was explained even more clearly and it became an opportunity to solve the question through the scriptures.

“Everyone, if you see in 1 Corinthians 6:10-11, it clearly states that we have sinned. But! In verses 11, God says we are washed, sanctified, and justified through the name of Jesus Christs and inside the Holy Spirit of God. People who have read these scriptures but still think themselves to be sinners are saying that Jesus has failed. Jesus has washed our sins 100%. You must believe in the scriptures. CEO Joo Young Jung of Hyundai told the entry-level employee, ‘If I say you are a section manager then you are a section manager.’ Likewise, if God says we are righteous then we are righteous!” (-excerpted from the evening message of fourth day)

Encouraged by the enthusiasm of the participants, Pastor Ock Soo Park preached the gospel fervently.

On the other hand, during the CLF lecture in the morning, Pastor Park testified of God who worked wondrously in his life through his testimonies such as preaching the gospel to his father and uncle, and sending missionaries abroad for the first time.

“When your hearts become one with Jesus, He does all the work for you. If God does it, there is no problem. We do not look depending on whether we see a possibility or not. Even if we just go forward, it is okay when Jesus is working. If the Lord does it, He can do everything. Hurry to join your hearts with God. He will work and your churches will start to change!” (-excerpted from the morning message of the fourth day)

“After I received salvation, God was with me in whatever I did and helped me and poured His grace upon me.”

As the participants listened to the continuing testimonies of Pastor Ock Soo Park, they seemed to have hope toward God who will be giving them such testimonies in their lives.

“The pastor’s testimonies and sermons are so amazing!

This God that we hear about here, I strongly believe these are the Words that are the precise core and the Words that must be spread worldwide. As a leader, all of the pastors here must bear the Words heard here in their hearts and deliver to the Christians in the world.

I want to preach the gospel with the people gathered here. I want to share what I learned from here with my fellow pastors. If there is an event like this next time, I will make sure that I frong them and show them how the truth is being spread through the Good News Mission Pastor Ock Soo Park!

As a pastor, my job is to untie people from where they are bound and take them to God. In consideration of this, I will learn the message of Pastor Ock Soo Park clearly and teach it to my saints in my church. At the next conference, I hope my church brothers and sisters can also attend!”

-Pastor Frank Swai, Tanzania

At this CLF, a lot of Christian leaders willing to join hearts and preach the gospel can be seen. We look forward to them to invite Pastor Ock Soo Park when they return to their countries and share with even more Christian leaders.

The Words in the CLF made the hearts of the participating Christian leaders from across the world to flow with one another as one inside the gospel. This CLF is beyond simply a sharing of Words between Christian leaders gathered from around the world. This meeting is even more previous and blessed because they will deliver this gospel powerfully when they return to their respective countries and churches.





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