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[US] The CLF, Where the Work of Salvation Continues

2017 Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF)

As the days go by, the atmosphere surrounding the CLF is ripening. More than anything, there were scenes of the participants continuing to listen to the precise word to realize salvation and have certainty in their hearts.

The 8th of March, wherever you go on the Mahanaim Campus in Huntington, New York, you can see the participants enthusiastically taking notes. Anyone would feel their passion of wanting to catch every single word, trying to get every detail written down with their pens.




As soon as you handed them the microphone, they would give the testimony of their salvation. You could feel the incredible energy of the participants who confirm that they are truly righteous people.


“The Word is so amazing! Jesus Christ has done everything, there is nothing for us to do. It is written in John 19:30. We must look at the work of Jesus who said, ‘It is finished’. We have all been forgiven of our sins and Jesus Christ also takes responsibility for all the problems in my life. Jesus has taken away the wall of sin and has also paid the price for all the obstacles that we may face as Christians.

This is what I have learnt while listening to the Word. So, inside of Jesus, there is no condemnation. We are inside of Jesus Christ.”

– Pastor Sterling Johnson


“I am a Pastor who has a few church branches. In my own church, there are also about 50 brothers and sisters. I really liked how Pastor emphasized the salvation through Jesus’ grace. Many churches do not insist on salvation. There are churches that speak of this but they do not speak of the salvation that solely comes from grace of Jesus.

Therefore, some of the congregation are afraid to come back to church after they had made a mistake and have sinned. Because it feels like they will be rejected. That is how they leave the church. However, I feel so grateful that this church talks about the salvation that occurs through grace. Whether or not we make mistakes, we are still the children of God. I am so happy to have been able to come here.”

– Pastor Cynthia Green, Brooklyn


“The reason I came to this conference was because I was continually invited by the Good News Church. They came to me about 8 times. As I came here, I truly saw that there are such a variety of people. They had come to listen about what the true gospel is.

I have never seen a meeting like this. I am a representative of a Ministers Group in Long Island that has a registration of 120 churches, it is where we have fellowship and collaborate with one another. Therefore, I came to this conference to see what kind of place it is. I want to listen, and if it is good, I want to invite members from our group. I am so excited right now. I think I will be able to hear what God is saying to me.

-Steve Thompson, Representative of Long Island Ministers Group


“I while ago, people from Good News Mission came to our church in Jamaica and gave a presentation about CLF, and by their invitation I was able to come to this place.

The schedule is a bit tough but all the programs here are so fun. More than anything, the lecturers explain very well. If we simply read the Bible, it is difficult but it is so good that they explain it so precisely and clearly. It feels like I have come to college. [laughter]

I am really learning a lot and it is difficult to explain all of it but I am taking a lot of notes. I have never seen a place like this before. The word that we listen to here is so good and the more I hear, the more I want to learn in depth about the Bible. It has given me a different perspective towards the Bible.

It was so difficult to get here and I nearly could not come because I was sick. Because, less than a week ago, I was in hospital. To be honest, I do not know how I was able to come here but I strongly feel that God has led me to this place. I am so excited to listen to listen to the new words.

I will surely apply the word that I have heard here to my ministry back in Jamaica. For that, I am taking a lot of notes! What is most important is that I am no longer a sinner. I am righteous. By the grace of God!”

– Pastor Alicia Wright, Jamaica


“I came here through the invitation of the Good News Mission Pastor in Tanzania. I am having such a fun time at CLF and I feel really blessed to participate in this conference.

The sermon here is so amazing. Especially, how they deliver the sermon through the foundation of the Bible. I think that the theme of this conference is how we have become free through the work of Jesus, and we have learnt about eternal redemption. I have learnt precisely what Jesus has done in order to wash us from our sins so through Jesus we have learnt how to live a happy and joyful life.

The sermon that we listen to here is precise crux and it is the Word that should be preached around the world! This is what the Ministers should have in their hearts as leaders, and this is what they should teach to the Christians! There are 5 other ministers working with me in Tanzania and I want to share with them what I have learnt. Next time, I will bring them also. I want to show them how the truth is being spread through the Good News Mission and Pastor Ock Soo Park. It is truly amazing!

Although I am leading my church, our church is not my own. It abides in God. My work is to release people who are tied down and taking them to God. In that sense, this message that we learn here can be taught to all the congregation at our church. I am certain. Whether there is camp here or another conference, I hope that my congregation will also be able to participate. I will surely teach what I have learnt here.”

– Pastor Frank Swai, Tanzania

Time for Gracias Choir




CLF Main Lecture

Pastor Ock Soo Park (Main Speaker of CLF) came down from the stage to walk amongst the participants and preach the message powerfully.



“Because you are not filled with the heart of Jesus, you are in despair and are afraid. For the past 55 years, I have seen how God has been with me through big or small problems, experiencing his grace numberless times.

No matter what the situation is, those who are in Jesus Christ have no condemnation. Jesus blocks everything. Now, God will do the farming of happiness and joy inside of your hearts.” (From the Morning Message of the 3rd day)


“The Bible always begins with difficulties and ends with happiness and joy. If there is difficulty in your life, that is not despair, discouragement or pain but it is the circumstances in which God can work. Do not think of difficulty as despair. Do not think of it as fear. God has already prepared everything to work in us. Now, let us talk with hope about how God will work. Let us change your countries through the word of God. God will work through you!” (From the Evening Message of the 3rd day)


In the middle of the Lecture, there was an invitation to Blessing Maseko Swaziland to come up to the stage and give his testimony.

“I saw that my thoughts and my hearts were always evil continually, so I was able to receive the heart of God. I was so happy after hearing that Jesus Christ has washed my sins away forever. I was not the same person that I was before I came to Korea. This gospel has changed my life. I will return to Swaziland to preach this gospel. Lastly, I want to speak about Pastor Ock Soo Park. The sermon that Pastor Ock Soo Park preaches is the precise word of God. He is a man of God that has been sent by Him. Please do not just let this time go. Hold on to this time.”

(From the Testimony of Blessing Maseko, Swaziland)


“I participated last year and I listened to the word. After hearing the gospel, it was difficult to listen to the sermons of other Pastors. That is why I wanted to come and participate again to refresh the gospel in my heart. I came to love the sermon of Pastor Ock Soo Park. The Word has changed me. I am woman that is free from sin!”

-Felo Lanene, Bellemont

CLF Academy, Full of Passion for Learning

On the other hand, the CLF academy has once again proven to be popular and the people listened to the word with a lot of interest.




“I listened to the Mind Lecture on the first day, but I came again because I was so curious about what the next content was. Lecturer, Pastor Jae Hong Kim, talked about how to make one’s heart stronger and he talked about how the world of the heart is connected to faith and that the foundation of the world of the heart comes from spiritual life. Through this lesson, we learnt that for people with weak hearts, once they become righteous through the faith of believing in God, they no longer become people who are full of worry because of sin, but change into people who are able to become bold, with a strong heart. This truly became a solution in my heart. It gave me hope. I feel like I have received a great grace.”

– Pastor Richard Herman, USA

“Today, I went to the Church History Academy. Pastor Han Gyu Lee spoke about the persecution faced by the Christians. I had the heart that the persecution was not a bad thing but a path through which God’s work could be revealed more powerfully. I was so thankful that testimonies arise from such persecution and I saw that persecution is not a bad thing but is an important part of Church History.”

– Pastor Anderson Christofoletti, Brazil




Right now, such unbelievable works of God are occurring at the CLF.

Although it is the first time that such an event has been held, already people from 46 different countries have gathered together to nod their heads and accept the gospel. Despite the tough daily schedule, they try hard to listen as much as possible to learn, and to share during counselling and fellowships with one another.

A few years ago, we started the Ministers’ Forum through the faith of the servant of God, and that eventually led to the path of the gospel in which many Presidents of different countries received salvation.

The CLF in USA is the Ministers’ Forum in Korea. We are so excited about God, who has worked so powerfully through the Ministers’ Forum in Korea, as he will work likewise through the CLF.

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