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[US] The Splendid Curtains of the 2016 New York World Camp Opens

The 2016 New York World Camp, happy place that opens the heart and where youth and energy overflow, finally began!


From August 21st to 25th, the New York World Camp carried out at Mahanaim and Tille Centre was full of various programs from unique academy sessions such as boxing and latte art, a marathon race that trains both body and mind, and mind lectures that nurture the mind to Gracias Choir concerts, World Christian Leaders’ Workshop etc.

At this camp especially, many students from the churches of those pastors who were connected through the Christian Leaders’ meetings that have been held in New York until now opened their hearts and applied, making this event even more meaningful.

Also, on the 22nd, the opening ceremony announcing the beginning of the 2016 New York World Camp took place at the Tilles Center.




At the opening ceremony that started with a dynamic invited dance, the Councillor of Nassau County, University Chancellor, Ambassador of Malawi, Ambassador of Kenya and many other guests attended to congratulate the event.






The students filled the entire Tilles Center and could not take their eyes off the various splendid cultural performances prepared by the IYF. Finally, as the beautiful music of the Gracias Choir filled the halls, everyone was deeply immersed into the music.




The high-class performances of world class musicians such as Cellist Dmitry Eremin, Mezzo Sopranist Galina Kiseleva opened the hearts of the students. Especially, after the last choir stage of “New York, New York” and “You Raise Me Up,” everyone applauded and cheered.


After the performance of the Gracias Choir, Pastor Ock Soo Park delivered a message.


Through the story about Pastor Gi-sung Kim and Pastor Ock Soo Park’s relationship with his father, he spoke that love changed people and expressed his hopes for all the students attending this camp to feel love around them and become happy.




“I usually have great interest in youth so when I was first invited, this World Camp seemed extremely interesting to me. Seeing these many students at the opening ceremony here today, the works that your organization does is very impressive. The youth are the future of this world. The things you do are invaluable and they are the things I want to do in the future. I would like to maintain relationships with the IYF and continue to work together.” -Mr. Lot Dzonzi, Deputy Permanent of the Representative of the Republic of Malawi to the UN


“This is my first World Camp in New York so it’s really new and I look forward to it. This is my second time to see the Choir’s performance but it is really amazing and impressive. I usually don’t like classic music or hymns but my mind changed after seeing the Choir’s performance. Actually, it is difficult for me to open my heart and talk with people often, but I hope I can change through this camp. I want to become a person who interacts with people and helps them.” – Teresa, Class Dream 6.


“As I listened to the Pastor’s sermon, it was really good. Especially, as I listened to the story of Pastor Gi-sung Kim, I could see that a person can really change and their hearts can change. I think it’s a really important matter. It’s because you easily turn dark when you live with your own heart. It was good to be able to hear about how a person in darkness moved to a really hopeful place and the process of it. I’m having a great time as I attend this World Camp and I can see everyone is very happy. Although it has only been a day, I think everyone is having a great time.” – Richard, Class Dream 5.



While preparing for this year’s World Camp, we could see God open the way to things we had neither planned nor ever thought possible to desire. At the World Camp that is being carried out under the motto of “Open, Connect, and Change,” various programs that allow anyone to come and open their hearts is awaiting the students. At this World Camp that is even more hopeful because God leads it, we look forward to many students to change and become happy.

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