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[USA] 2019 Bible Crusade Preparation Story #1

2019 Bible Crusade Preparation Stories #1 (March 29th)

This year, God has given us many new ways to spread the word about the Bible Crusade in NYC. By new friendships and connections through the CLF, we can see how the church and the servants of God are pushing us to change the way we have prepared for events in the past.

In the morning, Pastor Philip Song shared the word of Romans 9:16, “So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy.” It is not for us to concentrate on the circumstance, the reactions of the people in front of us, or our methods. Our only focus lies in receiving the mercy of God. God will open the doors He wishes to open because preaching the gospel is His will. Through challenging our preconceived notions, our experience, and our stagnant mindset, God will lead the gospel to be preached in new ways this year according to His mercy alone.

Bronx The 46th Precinct Police station in the Bronx has agreed to host Mind Education sessions starting from next Wednesday. We are so thrilled and happy to see how God has been working through Mind Education to connect us to public service personnel in the hopes of us growing together in unity and fellowship.

Long Island Through the CLF, we began to share fellowship with Pastor Carmen Garcia and her ministry at Bethpage Assembly of God. Today, 8 church members from her church came to participate in the K-Pop dance academy classes held at Mahanaim School. We will start hosting Children Ministry events and Teacher Education Workshops at her church soon as well.

Queens At 8:00 pm, we had an appointment to hold a mind education session at Alianza Cristiana y Misionera. To invite the people around the church area, we demonstrated the Mind Recreation activities that we had in store for the evening. The recreation brought many young people to the witnessing table and we enjoyed playing and talking to them.

Then in the evening, we did the same activities at the church as planned and the youth group along with their leader loved every moment of it. As soon as the Mind Education session was over, both the pastor and the youth leader asked us “when are you coming back?”

A similar session was held at the Christian Revival Temple.

Brooklyn Today was the final day for the conference cohosted with the Pastor Arlene Israel church. We are so happy that the refined gospel could be preached in a series at the church through Pastor Samuel Ryou.

Jamaica The conference at Taste of Heaven Church started today and will be continued until tomorrow. Just like previous conferences in other Boroughs, we pray for the grace of God be upon the speaker so that the gospel can enter in the hearts of the listeners.

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