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[USA] 2020 Online Bible Seminar: Becoming Children of God

Last May, the Online Bible Seminar by Pastor Ock Soo Park freed countless people in the United States from their sins and served as a cornerstone for the airing of the Lectures on the Gospel of John on CTN, the nation's largest Christian TV. While the U.S. is still suffering from the second wave of Corona virus, the Online Bible seminar has been held in the U.S. since last Monday under the theme of "Let's overcome despair with the word of God."

This time again, the way was open for many broadcasting stations to deliver the messages. In all the cities where a Good News Mission Church was located, the words of the sermon series have been transmitted through the airwaves.

Kmax Gospel Radio is a channel belonging to Iheart radio, which has 250 million listeners worldwide and is a favorite program for countless Christians. During the rally, many people listened and contacted the radio station they were enjoying what they were hearing.

"Hello. First of all, I would like to tell the producer of this program how much I have been blessed by Pastor Ock Soo Park's Bible seminar. I listen to Kmax Gospel radio every day, and I'm very happy to be able to attend the seminar after hearing about it in an advertisement. Pastor Park taught me how to overcome the difficulties in this difficult time and that I am already inside of God. God is the master of my life!" (Lisa Smith - L.A.)

Texas is the second-largest state in terms of size in the U.S. with a population of 30 million and it was decided to air the seminar on Life Christian TV, a Christian TV station that covers the entire state. In particular, the live broadcast of the CLF meeting with Pastor Ock Soo Park became an opportunity for broadcasting officials to listen to the gospel and open their hearts to us.

People watching the broadcast on Life Christian TV in Texas

The broadcast in Phoenix covered the city's entire population of 4 million and the way was open to broadcast on AZTV, the largest local television network. The station aired more than forty 30-second ads. The church members partook in the work with joy and fundraised the seminar on the air.

Although the Good News Mission does not have a branch in Wyoming, the sermons were broadcasted on CTN and Life Christian TV for the state. The seminar was also broadcasted on KSPD Radio, the third-largest Christian radio in Idaho.

"When I asked them to find out about broadcasting the seminar, I was disappointed at first because each station didn't respond well. But as I felt that this was God's will to preach the gospel to many people, I kept looking for it and found Faith TV, the largest Christian TV in Sacramento. It is a station where many large churches broadcast their sermons, and when we explained the purpose, they allowed the broadcast and decided to broadcast for a year with free advertising and even after the seminar, Pastor Park's lecture on the gospel of John. I could see that God was pleased with this seminar and He had prepared everything we needed." (Vivian, Sacramento)

Indigenous Outreach

God opened the way for the seminar to be broadcasted to Native American villages as the will of God was apparent for the gospel to reach them as well.

The door was open for them to be broadcasted to the Navajo Nation, the largest tribe of Native Americans in the United States, through three channels of Christian radio which covered the entire region. The broadcast was welcome amid the difficult situation in which 25 of the 107 Christian leaders in the village had lost their lives to Corona and the villages were still in quarantine and under curfew. Chuck, who is in charge of one of the stations, decided to broadcast the show, saying, "I felt that I needed to broadcast these sermons after I heard a sample of them."

After looking into broadcast opportunities in Vancouver, Canada, CFNR-FM was available to broadcast the seminar to over the northeast of Vancouver, an area with 70 indigenous villages. Through the broadcast, the hope was for many people in the indigenous community to hear the gospel and be saved.

Left: Radio coverage map of the Navajo Nation

Right: The seminar broadcasted to over 70 First Nation communities in the northeast of Vancouver.

Diverse Promotional Methods

For the online Seminar, churches were promoted through Facebook and YouTube in their cities. All the Good News branches used online promotions to spread the news. Through both online promotions and billboards, many souls were able to connect with the conference.

Sister Toby's Women who Inspire

One of the sisters of the San Jose church, Toby, posted a post on Facebook to recruit a Christian group to study the Bible, and more than 100 people showed interest. Now, they study the Bible together once a week. Through interviews with Christian magazines, the group's operators were able to promote the seminar, and many members of these social groups attended the seminar directly.

"I got to know about the Online Bible Seminar while attending a Bible study run by Toby. The pastor told me the words of John 1:9, and I could see that I was wrong about the Bible. I thought I had to remember the crimes I committed each day and confess to wash my sins. These wrong ideas made me unsure of salvation. Most Christians theoretically say they were saved by grace, but in real life, they believe in their works. Through the Bible Seminar, I was born again and freed from sin. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening my eyes to the word." (Simona Givizu)

Billboard Ads at an Anchorage Shopping Mall

"I thought that billboard ads would be expensive and difficult to do, but I got to talk to Midtown Mall Billboard representative when I followed the lead of my pastor. Surprisingly, I found that they advertise for non-profit organizations for free. The person in charge designed our ad for free as well. There was an open door. I don't know where the door is, but if I rely on the word, I'm grateful that God will surely work." (Deacon Sung Kim, Anchorage)

Pastor Partnerships

Through the online seminar, many pastors were connected and they entered into the Good News Theology School. There, they listened to the truth and were saved.

"I lived a rough life when I was young, and it gave me a guilty conscience. But I listened to Pastor Park today. Praise God! I am no longer guilty. Finally, I was free from sin. Not by confession, but by the blood that Jesus shed on the cross, I am free from sin. Thank you. " (Bishop Dennis Evans, L.A.)

"I've been working as a prison pastor in a large church for over 20 years. When I was about to start my ministry after retirement, I attended a CLF meeting in Dallas. And there I heard the gospel. It was a powerful truth that needed to be absorbed deeper than any other theological program.

I entered Good News Theological Seminary and started studying. As I listened to the Bible seminar day and night, I could see that Pastor Park was not just about theology, but he lived by applying the truth of the gospel to life. When I believed what the pastor taught me, I was filled with the hope that I would live with faith like him. I want to introduce this to everyone I know." (Pastor Joan Eggy, Dallas)

"The sentence "we are righteous" is a blessing to me. God's grace saves us. In the hearts of Martha and Mary, Lazarus was dead, but in fact, it was Jesus who was also dead in their hearts. The law is like walking on ice. We were freed from the works of the law and lived through the cross under the grace of Jesus. With the new covenant, we no longer have to offer sacrifices for sin. Jesus paid for all sin. Let us now proceed boldly before the throne of grace. God has forgiven all our sins." (Pastor Noe Chavez, L.A.)

"I heard about the seminar on Facebook, and I really enjoyed it. In particular, Pastor Park's message on redemption was very surprising. I told my congregation on Sunday at the church where I was in charge of my duties. My heart is overflowing by preaching about the love and grace of God through the forgiveness of sins, and the saints who hear this are also grateful to know exactly this precise gospel." (Pastor John Crew, Hawaii)

"I had a lot of pride in the choir I run. I've heard the words of the Good News Mission for two years, but I couldn't listen because I thought I was good. This Online Bible Seminar touched my heart when I watched the choir's performance. It was completely different from what I was used to. As Pastor Park Ok-soo said, I was not a savior, but her person who needed to be saved. I was a faithless pastor." (Pastor Yang San, Diego)

Bible Studies

Brothers and sisters preached the gospel through Bible studies with people on their witnessing notebook. The Holy Spirit was preparing for the Bible Seminar. Each church was preaching the gospel of the good news.

"I left the church for several years and came back to the church through the last online Bible seminar. Reverend Park's seminar brought the gospel to the people around me, including my former employer, Afi, my colleagues Mamadee, Sophia, Moses, an old friend of mine, and my long-time husband Joel, who would persecute me because of the gospel. I give glory to God." (Aleda, Dallas)

"When I was in prison, I was saved when Elder Gary gave me Pastor Park's book, "How I became Free from Sin". The book changed my life completely. After being released from prison, I bought a book from Amazon and preached the gospel to many prisoners and friends. I met the Denton County Chaplin with Pastor Kim from my church and we were able to promote for this year's Online Bible Seminar." (Anett, Dallas)

"Through this conference, Reverend Ock Soo Park explained the gospel in detail while finding verses in the Bible that paired with each other. God gave my son salvation through the last online retreat. At this conference, my son opened his heart and listened to everything. The pastor said we live for two purposes; one being saved and the other to preach the gospel. I love the gospel in my heart and in my family's heart, and I'm leading them one by one to make them live for the gospel." (Sister Sung Na and her son, Las Vegas)

"I attended every evening's seminar at the invitation of Ms. Julia, who has been a regular customer for eight years. This evening, I was most touched by the words of Ephesus, which the pastor mentioned the first and second days of the seminar. In Ephesians 2:8 it says, "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:' It says that only faith in Jesus can save us. I've been tied up to works for a long time. I was a gambler before. So I did my best to volunteer at the church, to take the elderly to the hospital, and to consult with people who were about to undergo major surgery at the hospital. I'm thrilled to hear this gospel that tells us that we can go to heaven not by the works of the law but only through faith in Jesus." (Gary McKinnon, San Antonio)

"As a Catholic, I have believed that only when I confess my sins and observe the law, I am righteous. But listening to the Bible seminar, I learned that if I accept the fact that Jesus had forgiven all our sins, I would be righteous. In Hebrews 10:17, it is written, "And their sins and iniquities will I remember no more." Also, I was so grateful to hear that Jesus exchanged our dirty sins for his perfect righteousness. It is like a change of first-class and third-class flight tickets. Just as the robber of the cross did nothing, but was able to go to heaven by accepting Jesus' words, I did nothing to be righteous since I believed only in the blood of Jesus." (Frank Trippet, Hawaii)

"In my old church, I learned that I had to do well to be righteous. This time, I could feel something completely different from what I learned from my old church I used to go to. Reverend Park said, "We can't do anything to be saved". There's nothing to do, and I knew Romans 3:23 but I didn't know verse 24. While Pastor talked about the woman caught in the act of adultery, this woman did not go to Jesus, but Jesus went to this woman and she was saved through the words of Jesus Christ. I had nothing to do but accept it. This time, I am so grateful and relieved to hear that Jesus died on the cross for all my sins." (Ashley Tibot, Alaska)

"I was attending the seminar at the invitation of a sister in Tacoma from her aunt who was studying the Bible. I learned a lot from this seminar. God said we were righteous when we were still sinners, and God said that a sinner becomes righteous the moment they believe in Jesus Christ. We are not justified by our actions, but by the full works of Christ. God gave the sinner the righteousness of his son. My sins have been transferred to Christ. So his righteousness came to me." (Cassandra Henson, Takoma)

"When Yanny's couple came to me preached the gospel for the first time, I was very confused. But God opened my eyes during the fellowship, and through the words of Hebrews 10:17 and 18, I believed that I was no longer a sinner but a righteous person. And through the words of this assembly, I learned that I was not a savior, but God was a savior. I have nothing to do and I have nothing more to fear. This word has saved me and I am holy forever!" (Tracy, L.A.)

"I learned the news of an online Bible seminar from the caregiver I was looking after, and we were listening together. I've been to the cathedral since I was young, and this time, I was able to accept the true gospel when I heard the words of John 1:9 from Pastor Ock Soo Park. All my sins were washed away when Jesus, who came as the Lamb of God, took our sins and died on the cross. It was amazing. I became righteous. Praise and glory to Jesus, who has kept me intact and holy forever." (Kamin Vasquez, Sister Man Hwa Kim, Portland)

"Because of work, I stayed at my sister's house in Houston for a while and had fellowship about the gospel with the pastor every morning. One day, I had an argument with my sister and she said, "You are so full of your own thinking. That is why you cannot receive salvation." When I thought about it, I saw myself live a stubborn life. I went to several churches, but I wasn't sure of salvation. Later, I was embarrassed to see myself crying whenever I went to church, so I always secretly sat in the back seat to worship. Then, when I listened to Pastor Ock Soo Park, I envied the faith he had and was saved by listening to the words of Chapter 3:23 and 24 in Rome. The blood of Jesus has washed away all my sins. So I'm not a sinner anymore. I was guilty in my heart. But all my sins were forgiven by the blood of Christ. I'm righteous. And I'm intact. I got eternal life. I give thanks and praise to God's Father for this precious blessing." (Kim Yong-woo, Houston)

But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:

These days, when many people suffer from corona virus, countless Americans have accepted the clear gospel delivered through this Bible seminar and have become children of God. It is very wishful thinking that the gospel will continue to be transmitted to this vast land through the broadcast.



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