[USA] A True Place of Learning, Dallas Christian Leaders’ Fellowship

2016 Dallas Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF)

26th December, Monday. The CLF (Christian Leaders Fellowship) took place on the 1st floor of the Hyatt Hotel in Dallas.

There were about 200 ministers from up and down America, who had gathered together to indulge themselves in the Words of God through, not only the sermon of Pastor Ock Soo Park in the morning and the evening, but also through Bible Lectures, Group Fellowships and presentations.

If you think about it, it is not an easy thing to accomplish. Despite the fact that it is the Christmas season, which is the busiest time for churches, many ministers closed the doors of their churches to come to this Fellowship, some taking over 30 hours by bus.

However, through the CLF that was taking place alongside the Christmas Cantata Tour, the seed of the Gospel that was firmly planted in their hearts and that was more than enough to make them lay everything down and gather in Dallas.

During the first Bible Lecture, Pastor Ock Soo Park explained about the grace of god through the words; Romans 4:4 and Ephesians 2:1-6.

“Why couldn’t Esau receive blessing?

Esau could not receive any blessing because he worked. When God gives blessings, he wishes to give it in the form of grace. Grace refers to something that we receive without working.

If you look in Ephesians 2:1-3, the works that we do are recorded, but from 4-6 we cannot find anything that has been done by humans. It was all done by God. The salvation of God cannot be done by humans but God alone. It is God who must work.”

Among the ministers of the CLF, there were those who had already taken part in our meetings previously, but after attempting to preach the Gospel, they realized that their knowledge of the Word is lacking. Therefore, they were full of ambition and willingness to learn the true Word.

“This is already my third time in participating in this Fellowship. I participated in last year’s WCLW in August and received salvation. When I first came here, what I learnt was different to what I had learnt while growing up. Even if I receive salvation, don’t I still become angry and commit sin and fight with others? But I don’t need to ask for forgiveness? This was not easy for me. It is because this is different to what I have believed in for a long time. For a long time, I struggled to believe in the forgiveness of sin.

The second time, when I came to New York I was able to understand about the Gospel a little bit more clearly. It is the same now. We are learning something new know. Never had I heard before that Jesus Christ had died on the cross for all of our sins. I learnt this after coming to Good News Mission. All the sins of my past, present and future have all been washed. So, I no longer need to repent these hearts. I am free from the guilt of sin. Because all my sins have been washed, my heart is now in peace. Jesus Christ has passed away on the cross and accomplished eternal redemption once for all.

Right now, I am in conflict with the senior Pastor at our church. It is not a small conflict but a big one. The last time I went to church, Pastor said that we could lose our salvation but I argued that salvation can never disappear. Now, I am outside of the church and having service at home by myself. However, to be honest, I want preach this Gospel to my senior pastor. One day, we will sit together and I will teach him the things that I have learnt.”

-Pastor Kanene Felo, Vermont, Boston

“Hello, could we have a short interview with you?”

“Will it take long? I want to listen to the Word…”

During the group fellowship, the many Pastors who hesitated to do an interview, reminded us of children who were so passionate about learning. It was a passion that could be had because they felt a lack of the Word in side of their hearts as they were colliding with circumstances.

Such passionate determination of learning about the Word may be the type of heart that naturally arises once anyone truly collides with the circumstances. However, the participants of this CLF have the shape of the heart that is difficult to find in brothers and sisters who have received salvation a long time ago and have been inside of the church.

We are hopeful of the day that God will make these people in the into the army of the Gospel.

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