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[USA] CLF World Conference Programs in NY (Part 2)

Programs that Touch the Soul

The Various Performances that Charmed Eyes, Ears and Hearts 


You have to mentioned the various and high-quality performances when you talk about the CLF. The performances of the world famous Gracias Choir opens the heart of people and at the same time, glorifies God.

African Cultural Dance

Violin Ensemble


African Stage

Ministry Booths

After lunch, the CLF attendees had time to view the ministry booths.

The no-money-witness trip booth offered a unique experience. Pastors, who considered the concept of going on a witness trip to be vague and difficult, were able to receive a bus ticket at the “Greyhound Bus” photobooth. They then would take a picture and experience how it would feel like on getting on a bus to go to a city they didn’t know to witness there.

The NYPD booth featured heavy sponsorship from the police. Although police officers lay their lives on the line for the society, they face much conflict with the civilians who they are protecting. The NYPD were reached through Mind Education and both the NYPD and CLF have agreed to help each other to solve youth problems. The booth was for the police department to become closer to the citizens through the CLF.

Many pastors visited the Senior Ministries Booth which featured the slogan “I dont have grey hairs. I have wisdom highlights”. Many elderly church members think, “I am too old now. My body hurts all the time” and they live a life of solitude. Many pastors considered the ministry something they would like to do at their own church and requested to be educated for this ministry.

The booths became the opportunity for the attendees to view the many ministries associated with the CLF, such as Bible Seminar, Mind Education, Mission in Korea, Youth Ministry, Mahanaim Bible Training Center, Sunday School, Music Ministry, CLF Membership

Mind Lecture

Pastor Kim Jae Hong and Mind Education

The last year’s afternoon Symposium program was restructured to be a Mind Lecture session.

Many pastors are aware that the former ways of reaching out to people and especially to the youth is not working anymore. The Mind Education received a lot of attention because the pastor saw how there are many youths serving actively in the CLF. 
Pastor Jae Hong Kim spoke about how to graft Mind Education with the Bible through the topic of “Rightness”. 

“In the trial of Solomon, the real mother threw away her rightness to save her dying child. To save her child, she had to become the fool and a liar. True rightness is to throw away our rightness to save a life.”

Pastor Kim explained that when God first made man, He made it so that faith gets established in the heart of Man. It is wrong for rightness to get established in our hearts. We need to throw away our rightness and received God who is the only true form of rightness. The pastors had great interest in the Mind Lectures about the world of the heart.

Gladys Viera (Orlando)

“Through the Mind lecture, I learned that righteousness was from God. Our works are absolutely nothing. The story that left a great impression on me was the man who committed self-immolation when the police would not believe that he paid the taxi fare. The fact that he thought he was right and his stubbornness led him to death. It scarred his wife and his kids. Our rightness and our righteousness cannot save us or lead us to good things. Our rightness always give pain and difficulties to the people around us.

Wayne (Dominica Republic)

“I heard the Mind Lecture and I really thought it was good. I am very curious about sin and about grace. I make a lot of mistakes and have many fears but I have come to realize that grace has power and it overcomes sin and condemnation. Many people think they are saved through their works. But salvation is received through grace and faith. The Mind Educators are doing the important work of changing the hearts of people. I am so thankful that God has allowed me this type of event.”

The Main Message of the Conference

Pastor Park preaching the main message in the morning and in the evening

The main CLF program is the lectures by Pastor Ock Soo Park. For the morning session, Pastor Ock Soo Park stood at the podium. He started the service that day talking about Brother Nam who was sentenced to death. Although Brother Nam received salvation and received changed in his heart, there was no change in the law that changed his death sentence. Through the brother’s testimony, Pastor Park spoke about the woman caught in the act of adult in Jeremiah 31.

“In Korea, there is a way to kill the person sentenced to death but there is no way to save that person. However, a new law was established in Jeremiah 31. We have all sinned and are fit to be destroyed because of the law. However, God has loved us and established a new covenant with us to save us.”

Then Pastor Park started to explain about the woman caught in the act of adultery and Jeremiah 31.

“God said that one day He will establish such a law. Then, many years passed until one day, a woman was caught in the act of adultery. Jesus had to judge this woman but had the new covenant been established at that time? It had not. There was only the law and if they went according to the law, the woman would have had to die. However, Jesus loved her and us who share the same image as her. He wrote on the ground: “Their sins and iniquities will I remember no more.”

The pastors in attendance shouted “Amen” and applauded. They responded with passion to the heart of God and the message.

Many Pastors receiving the word of God in their hearts

Through the various programs of the CLF, the pastors get to spend a full day of learning, being thankful, and opening their hearts through the joy of the CLF.



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