(USA) Hallelujah, the LA Christmas Cantata!

The city that the Christmas Cantata team visited, LA, is the second city, after New York, which truly represents the country of United States. In the cities where palm trees are aligned on each sides of the road underneath the hot sunlight, tourists leave their footprints.

The Walt Disney Concert Hall with a unique design, the centre of the film industry, Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard, and the Getty centre where you can see world-renown art equipment for free are just a few of the various sightseeing attractions of LA. Many parks which can be seen amongst the modern buildings in the centre of LA, display a refreshing and happy atmosphere.

The Christmas Cantata that was held in Los Angeles for the first time was held in the biggest stage named ‘Shrine Auditorium’. An hour and a half before the start of the performance people began to line up. As the time for the House Opening neared, in front of the Auditorium a large crowd was formed.

The Cantata started with the representative of the LA mayor, Eric Garcetti, delivering the Letter of Appreciation. The IYF and the Gracias Choir was thanked greatly for conducting the 4th Christmas Cantata tour and asked them to continue the ongoing activities.

As the audience who travelled to Bethlehem together, did not hesitate to applaud when they saw the name of Christ of Jesus’ genealogy.

Pastor Young Kook Park of Good News New York Church started delivering his Christmas message with the story of John who took part of the Korean War. Just like John who did not know his mother’s heart and committed suicide, we do not know the heart of Jesus. But God sent Jesus to this land for us and because of a Christ like so we were able to become a clean, righteous person.

 “God said that a sinner cannot enter His country. But through Jesus Christ, He said that we have been cleansed and received the holiness and righteousness of God. And by believing in that fact we can go to heaven! You do not have to do anything. All you have to do is believe!”

From here and there shouts of “Yes!” and “Amen!” were heard.

When the song, “Hallelujah” came out, one by one, the audience began to stand up and salute Jesus with their hearts, listening to the song of the choir.

“I am the Director of the music in the church that I attend, and we do a similar type of performance but we cannot follow the class of the performance today. It was literally the voice from God…! It is a miracle that there is such a performance. Please continue to do Cantata performances! I think I should write to the president to say that this performance must be ongoing. It was truly a wonderful performance, and it truly is a wonderful night. -Rosamy

 “I saw the letter that someone left in front of our house and came with my husband to the Auditorium. Starting from the Little Santas to Anna, the Pastor’s Christmas message and lastly the choir and the chorus was so good. I thank you so much for inviting me to this performance. It was one of the best performances that I have ever seen.  -Couple Barbara & Perik

 “It was the best performance with all things harmonised wonderfully together. I went around to see many Christmas performances in the past but the Christmas Cantata was one that was of the highest class. It is unbelievable that this performance is free! I heard that they will do the same next year and I will even pay 200 dollars to come and watch. This year I only received 6 tickets so I came with my family, but next year I will apply for more tickets to bring more people with me. I thank the Choir for displaying such a wonderful performance.  -Couple Isela & Onaka

Jesus was born in a smelly manger. But no one in the audience remembered the smelly and dark manger. They only remember it as a place full of light and hope. As the smelly manger became a place filled with hope as Jesus was born, the audience’s hearts were filled with light as their dark and despairing hearts met Jesus.

Among one the major tourist attractions in LA is the ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’. It is a place where the most popular stars engraved their names on the star shaped tiles on the floor. As you walk past that place you will see many tourists who walk in the stars’ footprints.

There are numberless souls of LA who are struggling to find a path, only following the way of pleasure and debauchery. In order to give these people true happiness God sent His only Son to this land. Today God had given the readied present to the citizens of LA. This was something that is so much greater than any Christmas present that they have ever received. Now the bus is headed to the second city, San Jose.

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