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(USA) IYF Reported By Fox News

The New York World Camp ended as a great success. As the news about the IYF was spread to many people, the American News Channel Fox on the 30th of August reported about the IYF in their morning news.

The Fox Broadcasting Company started broadcasting on October the 9th 1986, and from 2002 has recorded higher viewers then the 24 hour news channel CNN.

Web Link for the Fox News:

IYF Reported By Fox News

In 2012, IYF New York met the Fox News anchor Kelly Wright through sister Marnie of Bronx Church.

IYF Reported By Fox News

Kelly Wright wanted to meet personally with Pastor Ock Soo Park because his friend had told him that he is a person that one must meet. The IYF invited him for a guest lecture. After giving his lecture, as he had lunch with Pastor Ock Soo Park and Pastor Yeong Guk Park, Kelly Wright listened to the Gospel and received salvation.

He participated in the culture program in the afternoon, viewed the evening performance of the ‘Easter Cantata’ and finally had an interview as well. Until late at night Kelly Wright was with the IYF. On that day he was greatly moved and touched by the IYF.

From that day the IYF branch in New York continually kept in touch with Kelly Wright.

In the latter part of 2012 there was chance for an interview with Kelly Wright, but his schedule did not fit for this to happen, but in 2013 during the Christmas Cantata in New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom he was the MC of the event. During his time as a MC he saw how beautiful and powerful the Gracias Choir was and how hard they worked backstage and was greatly thankful to have been part of the performance as a MC on stage.

IYF Reported By Fox News

And afterwards in 2014, Kelly Wright invited Pastor Terry and Sister Folake for an interview at the Fox News Station. At the time it was the end of July.

Information about IYF, the English Camp and the Cantata Tour was shared through video footages. The interview along with other videos was broadcasted on the News’ special section ‘Beyond the Dream’ with the explanation of Kelly Wright. ‘Beyond the Dream’ is a section which introduces special people or organization, and the story of IYF was broadcasted all over the world at 1:30pm in New York.

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