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(USA Memphis) Merry Christmas Memphis!

The Mississippi River from Under the Bridge

Following the artery of USA, also known as the Mississippi River, we took 6 hours to arrive in Memphis. It is well-known as the home of the Blues with the city giving birth to B.B King, the king of Blues, and also being the emperor of Rock n’ Roll, Elvis Presley.

Statue of Elvis Presley

As a city known for its music should be, there are countless music cafés and you could easily find shops with the theme of either Elvis Presley or B.B King. In the parks you can see people who love music coming together to sing songs and play instruments together. Naturally many passer-bys would stop and listen to the music from the street.

Downtown Memphis

One of the Many Music Cafés Found in Memphis

In Memphis, there is a special place you cannot see anywhere else and it is called Graceland. There, you can find the mansion that Elvis Presley stayed in until he passed away, including many things related to him. This is the most popular place in Memphis, recording over 600 000 visitors every year.

Graceland, Designed as a Museum of Elvis Presley

In such a music-filled city, the Christmas Cantata was held. With 2100 people gathered to witness the birth of Jesus, the Christmas in October began.

 Happy Righteous Stars

The Israelites Who are Getting Oppressed by the Roman Soldiers

As the audience were witnessing the birth of Jesus in a certain manger in Bethlehem, they were deeply touched. The audience became as happy as they would be in a party when the King of Israel was born.

When Anna realized her father’s love and ran to hug him shouting, “Daddy!!” after she woke up from her Christmas dream, the audience applauded her with one heart. In the last curtain call, until the curtains closed fully people whistled and applauded Anna, as she was peeking her head out from underneath the curtain. They were sad to see the last of her go.

Couple William & Rosa

 “It was a wonderful performance! We came because someone left a letter in our front door, but I thank you for inviting me. The first and third act was especially good. The first act made the tears of mine fall. -Couple William & Rosa

 Jay & David

 “We came to the Cantata after finding the ‘Dear Neighbour’ letter in our letterbox. All the acts were reflected a modernized way of presenting the gospel and that’s what made it so good. The birth of Jesus in the first act touched me especially. The third act really moved me to the depth of my heart. The flow of going from one act to another was very good and I could see that every stage showed something that the Cantata wanted was telling us. Are you asking me how the Christmas message was? It was a simple message that was easy to understand. This message brought truth to the Cannon Center and placed the gospel in Memphis.

-Jay & David

 Carly, Modearer, Cora, Dorida

 “Something happened to a friend of mine so I came to the Cantata instead of her, but from start to finish I was just lost for words. Whether it be the songs or the dancing… Even the little children who came out in the middle to dance as Little Santas were perfect. I particularly enjoyed the first act which described the birth of Jesus, and I was able to know how much the choir members studied their Bibles. I could really see it. At the end, during the curtain call, the way scene ended with all the actors pointed to Jesus, it was very pleasing. I also really enjoyed the second act! Although Anna used to be a troublemaker she slowly learnt of her family’s love. Such love… That is true family! In the message that Pastor delivered, the emphasis on the word ‘but’ was so amazing. Just as Pastor said, we are sinners and are not good at anything. But! I was grateful that God said that we were cleansed, righteous and holy. The emphasis on ‘but’ still remains in my head. -Carly, Modearer, Cora, Dorida


A Citizen Listening to the Song, ‘Silent Night, Holy Night’

 “Everyone, forgiveness does not depend on the heart of the forgiven but it lies upon the one who forgives. The heart that we have about sin is not as nearly as important as the heart of God towards the same matter. God has already forgiven us!”

The Christmas Message of Pastor Young Kook Park moved the heart of many citizens.

The 2100 People who Learnt the True Meaning of Christmas

Elisha told the wife of the son of a prophet to borrow as many vessels as she could to fill them with one flask of oil. With that one bottle, so many vessels were filled and once all of them were filled, the oil stopped. From LA through to Memphis God has prepared as many people as he did with those vessels. 7000, 2000, 5000 and many thousands of people gathered, all according to God’s plan. The October Christmas in Memphis. God has graciously filled 2100 vessels in Memphis.

After displaying an unforgettable Christmas, the tour bus has headed to Orlando.

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