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(USA) The Christmas Miracle in Denver

The View of Denver from Sloan’s Lake

We reached the capital city of Colorado State located in the east of the Rocky Mountains. As the city is located 1609 metres (About 1 mile) above sea level, Denver is also called the “Mile High City.

The Centre of Denver

People, Who Are Busily Walking Around 16th Street Mall in the Centre of Denver

The 16th Street Mall in central Denver in the main centre of the city. It holds lots of shops and there are bikes installed around the area for the citizens to use. If you legs start to ache, while walking along the two kilometres long street, you can get the Free Mall Ride. It is a city from which you can see a lot care being taken for the tourists.

Red Rocks Mountains Park

If you drive for 30 minutes away from the centre of Denver you will able to see the Red Rocks Amphitheatre surrounding by the wonderful nature. It is located amongst red rocks on the cliff in the Red Rocks Mountain Park which has an area of 2640km². Thanks to the geographical surroundings and the red rocks surrounding it, the Amphitheatre has natural sound effects giving off a very dramatic mood. Denver is an attractive city made of a mixture of modern buildings and beautiful natural scenery.

The Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre, the Venue for the Cantata

Denver is the city which has the 27th largest population in the United States of America. In this city that may be small but vibrant, the fifth Christmas Cantata was held. The Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre, which was the venue for the Cantata was the best hall in Denver holding 2800 seats.

Citizens, Coming Into the Theatre

Citizens, Who are Showing Their Interest in Supporting the Gracias Choir.

A Little Girl Who Came With Her Parents and Younger Sibling to Watch the Cantata together

Today numberless Denver citizens came to watch the Cantata. They put themselves on a journey, travelling 2000 years to when Mary and Joseph gave birth to Jesus, experience that touching moment.

The audience, who were touched by the birth of Jesus, applauded and cheered every one of the actors.

The Audience Who are Replying with Applause

In the following stage, the audience spent a fun time with Anna. Especially, when Anna was singing the song of yearning, thinking of the smiling face in the warmth of her parents’ hugs, the audience had tears in their eyes just like Anna

The family that is always with me. Many people who took this for granted were made to think about the love of the family.

The Gracias Orchestra Who Are Wonderfully Playing the Music in the First and Second Act.

Pastor Bang Won Park Delivering the Christmas Message

“Everyone, we cannot help but sin. However, the important thing is whether or not we know the heart of God that want to give us cleansing, sanctification and righteousness.” As soon as the Pastor stopped speaking the applause and cheering of the audience followed.

The Audience, Who Are Responding with Applause.

Kenzie and Devyn Who Got to Know About the Cantata Because of Coursework

“We go to the Denver School of Arts, which comes in to the Top 5 schools in America in terms of Arts. A professor told us to go to a professional performance and write about how we felt and the structure of the performance for our coursework. At first, I thought it was quite strange to do a Christmas production in October, but it was in the best hall in Denver and when we saw the history of the Choir I thought that it would be a good performance and so I came with a friend. I thought that it would simply be as Choir’s performance; I could not even imagine that the performance would come with so much variety and finesse. It was so great, especially the solos. The musical expression or the overall stage structure… In each stage, when the solos came out, I was so surprised because they were so good. And in the third act I was also surprised about how the Orchestra and the Choir were communicating with each other while expressing a song. It was such a great performance!” -Kenzie & Devyn

Sheila, Who Says God has Bestowed His Grace Upon Her

“God has blessed my heart today. Of the three stages I liked the first one the best. It was so new to me that you could express the birth of Jesus in that way. The message that the Pastor preached in the middle was also very touching. I am doing the job of rehabilitating the people in prison and I think that it would be so wonderful for them the see the Christmas Cantata. Thank you for inviting me to this amazing performance. -Sheila

The Alvidrez Family Who Took Part in the Christmas Miracle

“A friend received a ‘Dear Neighbour’ letter so I was able to come with my family and friends. The performance was so professional I could not believe that it was free. The songs of the singers were so beautiful and the message of the Pastor was also very good. You know as you live, you have something weighing you down? In such a life that I am living in, listening to Pastor’s message gave me so much strength. The heart of God that loves us… That heart became hope inside of my heart. Thank you for making this performance.” -The Alvidrez Family

▲ A Touching Stage that Makes You Stand Up

The Audience Who Are Singing Along to Silent Night, Holy Night.

God is always with us and everyone lives by God’s grace but many of these people do not know this fact, just like the way Anna could not feel the love and preciousness of her family’s love. As the Christmas Miracle taught Naughty Anna about her family’s love, the Christmas Miracle in Denver taught the citizens about the love of God. To deliver this Miracle the next stop is Albuquerque.

The Volunteers of the Denver Cantata

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