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[USA] The Festival of Christian Leaders, the third CLF World Conference in New York

The 3rd Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLR) World conference has begun at Hempstead, Long Island, New York on Monday, March 4th.

David S. Mack Sports and Exhibition Complex,, the main event center for the 3rd CLF World Conference New York

Beginning from March, 2017, this 3rd CLF has been actively held in each continent, and preached the word of the truth and the gospel to many pastors, and there are almost 85000 who accepted the eternal redemption of sins that comes from the shedding of the blood of Jesus on the cross. For the past two years, CLF has reached all corners of the Earth in the tremendous spirit of evangelism. The CLF World Conference in New York, where the event first began, is now reaching its third year. The World Conference is being held from the March 4th – 13th and the first week is hosted at the Mahanaim Campus as well as at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York. As the CLF moves forward, the number of participating pastors from each country is increasing, and Christians around the globe are excited about this event. The passion for the CLF is burning in many cities across the world but even so, the CLF in New York is special indeed. Although there are many countries in which many pastors participate in the CLF, New York boasts a variety of nations and denominations where pastors can convene. This is the heart of the CLF.
 In the afternoon, registration has begun and pastors begin to fill the lobby of the venue to register.

CLF participants at the venue

Participants fill the lobby for registration

At 7 PM, the opening ceremony of the CLF NY began in the gymnasium that has a capacity of 5000. This 10-day event of joy which hosted 1200 pastors from 28 countries started with much anticipation and excitement.

Righteous Stars ‘One More Time’

Participant enjoying the performance

The Righteous Stars opened with “One More Time”, a dance that expresses how the United States began with the heart of God. This joyful and refreshing dance gave smiles to the participants.

CLF Director Pastor Yeong Kook Park implored participants to hold hands and work together in his opening remarks, “Although it seemed as if Martin Luther was alone 500 years ago during the religious reformation but God was with him. In the same way, God is together with us and helping us to renew Christianity in this generation through the CLF.”

Ronald Harden, President of EPIC Bible College

Secretary General of the Christian Association in Costa Rica, Pastor Rigoberto

President Ronald Harden from California (EPIC Bible College) and the Pastor Rigoberto, the Chairman of the Christian Association that represents 5 countries in Central America joyfully congratulated the event. They have attended the CLF several times and they expressed the love they have for CLF.

Pastor Minchul Lim, the Chairman of the Good News Mission giving a report (Right)

CLF Professors

Pastor Minchul Lim, the Chairman of the Good News Mission gave the support report and then introduced the professors.

CLF History Report

March 2017 – 800 Pastors participate at the first gathering in New York 
2017, a year where 24,800 pastors from 95 countries participated

In 2018, 1000 pastors participated in CLF New York 
In 2018, a total of 60,100 pastors from 100 countries participated For the past 2 years, 85,000 pastors attended the CLF In 2019, 1200 pastors registered in the CLF New York.

The Gracias Choir prepared performances for the CLF Opening Ceremony.

Mezzo Soprano, Hyonjin Ban ‘Deep River.’

Tener Julio Gonzales, Soprano Hyemi Choi ‘Worthy is the Lamb’

Participants enjoying the performances

The participants who saw the choir for the first time were shocked, the other participants who have seen the choir before welcomed them and enjoyed the performances. The performance that moved the heart of the audience filled the CLF with joy and the praise led their hearts to praise God.

After the praise, Pastor Ock Soo Park, the founder of CLF stood on the stage.

CLF Founder, Pastor Ock Soo Park

“In Acts chapter 13 verse 22, God established Saul as King then brought him down. God has removed the king that followed his own thoughts and his flesh. There are many servants of God in this world but God is searching for servants who are being led by the heart of God, instead of their own thoughts.”

Participants in deep focus

Pastor Ock Soo Park emphasized on living spiritual that is led by Jesus instead of our own efforts as he spoke about difficult times, and testimonies of how God led his prayers. Pastor began to pray for food and charcoal but God gave him a promise that was completely different from his situation. God led his life through God’s heart and allowed him to cross continents to even the islands in Oceania, preaching the gospel to Kings and leaders of countries.

“What Jesus does and what we do are completely different. God is saying you are righteous but if you say in your heart, “No, I’m a sinner.” Then you have a different heart from God.
“I am now righteous. I am holy.” When we discard our thoughts and trust in the promise, God’s heart and your hearts will become one. Throw your thoughts away and trust in the Word. God has called you all here to do this work.” “Pastor Peter from Teaneck came to our church and gave a sermon to the youth in our church. At that time, he shared his testimony and promoted the CLF. I checked in out online afterwards and I felt that I will grow further inside God if I attend. If I share what I learn, it will be a great blessing.” During today’s opening ceremony, when I heard the testimony of Pastor Park, the part that mentioned how Pastor had nothing, and was starving but God took him from the great pit into the heavens and the whole world was included, that part gave me great hope. Not only in front of common folk but in front of presidents and kings, God has established pastor when he submitted to the Lord. I could see the true power of the blood of Jesus.” –Pastor Marlon Truwuls, Christ-Like Worship Center (New Jersey Bloomberg)

“The Word was truly a refreshing awakening. It wasn’t something we didn’t know but Pastor shed new light on it. Especially John the Baptist, baptizing Jesus and transferring the sins of the world to Jesus and then seeing Jesus the next day, ‘Behold the lamb of God that takes away the sin of the World.’ This scripture entered my heart.”
And the words of Romas chapter 3 verses 23, it says, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” but it says that Jesus has made us righteous. And he says there is nothing for us to do. This kind of word gives me new enlightenment. When I go back to my church and share this with my brothers and sisters, I am very excited. Pastor talked about the plane, and he says he does not touch the stick at all, because it can cause big accident. Just the same way, we cannot live in sin, because He has made us righteous. We can live free, and all we have to do is to live by the works that Jesus had done for us. My son came with me, and I wish that my son can listen to the word and be live solely before God” (Pastor Esther Wanda, Jesus House in New Orleans).

“Hello, I am so happy that I am here. My name is Pastor Ed Wycks. My church is in Philadelphia and some people came one day to invite me. I actually live in a beautiful city in New Jersey. I had such great expectations in this conference. I am so excited that I get to meet so many brothers and sisters in Christ through this leadership conference. This is the work of God and it is the time to raise up leaders that will be for lost souls and for this corrupted world. The second coming of Christ is imminent and people must realize their sins and get ready to spend eternity with a holy God” (Pastor Ed Wycks from the Deliverance Mission for Christ in New Jersey).

We have much hope that through this week of 2019 that many Christians leaders will forsake their thoughts and become servants of God who have one heart with Him.



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