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(USA) USA Cantata Tour, Craze about the Cantata in Participating Cities

Cities which are holding the Christmas Cantata establishing “Gracias Christmas Cantata Day.”

“I, Richard T.Berry Mayor of City of Albuquerque, do hereby proclaim October 2, 2014 as “The Gracias Choir Christmas Cantata Day”

▲ The City of Albuquerque proclaimed 2nd of October as “Gracias Choir’s Christmas Cantata Day

LA and many other cities which are busy in preparation for the Christmas Cantata is already heating up with great expectations about the up coming performance. Especially the west coast cities which are participating in this Christmas Cantata Tour for the first time cooperated strongly with each city councils which established certain days as ‘Christmas Cantata Day,’ and helped greatly in promoting the event. Through this one could feel a different phase for the Gracias Choir.

Christmas Cantata Tour

▲ Albuquerque’s City Council’s letter of Appreciation

Pastor Sung Deuk Park in Albuquerque, was very thankful as things which seemed so difficult was being solved one by one through God and, as he was receiving the unexpected letter of appreciation from the city council he was able to introduce about the Cantata and the Gracias Choir in front of 300 city council members.

“Everyday after we hand out invitations to each house as we return home, we receive many calls. They say ‘I sincerely thank you for inviting us to this event,’ and also calls which ask ‘I want to invite more friends and family are you able to send more tickets?’

“Many people after having opened the envelope we sent out are unable to hide their joy and express their gratitude.” Pastor Sung Deuk Park (Albuquerque)

“If you ask anything in My name, I will do it.” (John 14:14)

Christmas Cantata Tour

▲ San Antonio also has 5th of October established as Gracias Christmas Cantata Day

It is not just Albuquerque. The mayor of San Antonio also proclaimed the performance date of 5th of October as ‘Gracias Christmas Cantata Day.’ Also the city of Cupertino officially sent their congratulatory message and gratitude for the performance happening on the 27th of September at Flint Center which is famous for the new release of Apple products. And separately they also sent a letter of appreciation to Pastor Ock Soo Park for his contribution to the city of Cupertino.

Christmas Cantata Tour

▲ Letter of Appreciation from the city of Cupertino for the Gracias Choir

Christmas Cantata Tour

▲ Separate letter of appreciation for Pastor Ock Soo Park from the city of Cupertino

Steven Cohen (Democrat, Tennessee) a member of the House of Representatives, sent a letter of appreciation stating, “I welcome with great joy the IYF and Gracias Choir’s Christmas Cantata happening in (Memphis) Canon Center.” and also expressed his gratitude about the great contribution to society.

Christmas Cantata Tour

▲ The letter of Steven Cohen, Democrat Member of the US House of Representatives

The west coast of America as well as the east coast is busy in preparation for the Christmas Cantata. We are thankful as God works according to his great plans of wanting to preach the Gospel all over America through this Christmas Cantata.

Now starting from the 26th of September in LA, we will be able to see the work of the Gospel which will happen in 20 different cities precisely with our eyes.

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