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[Vanuatu] All the Islands of the Seas Shall Glorify the Name of the Lord

Vanuatu Witness Trip


From October 5th to the 9th, Missionary Hyun-bae Lee, Missionary Ban-seok Yang, and 3 others went on a witness trip to Vanuatu.


As we saw God opening the way to the witness trip to Vanuatu, we could see how much God truly loved the nation and how He wanted the flower of the gospel to bloom to the ends of the earth.

Local Pastor Kalo who received salvation last year prepared a conference venue outdoors and about 35 people attended every evening. Saints from another island named ‘Malfakal’ also came.


‘Malfakal’ is a very far away island that can only be reached by passing through several islands. Because it is such a remote island, much time and risks are involved in order to visit. There aren’t many flights and transportation is only available in the form of a tiny boat so it is difficult for the people there to listen to the gospel without coming out of the island.

Through the witness trip last year, however, the saints who heard the Words travelled on boat for 2 days to visit the conference venue when they heard that the Good News Mission was coming on witness trip. As we saw them invest time and take risks to come here simply to listen to the Words, we could feel the pureness of their hearts.


At this outdoor conference, Missionary Ban-seok Yang from Brisbane preached the gospel through the Scriptures in Isaiah 53:5~6.

Missionary Yang shared his salvation testimony and talked about how God cannot be worshipped with sins. On the second day, he spoke about thoughts and sin, and preached the Words about deeds and grace through the story of Cain and Abel.


After the sermon was over, we were thankful to see many saints raise up their hands when they were asked to raise up their hands if they were saved.

“The things that the Pastor had taught us is very tankful. I learned and realized many things. Although I had ministered for a long time, I feel like I had done it all wrong until now. I felt like I should preach this gospel in the future, and although I trusted and followed my thoughts, now I will believe in the gospel.”  – Kalo / Local Pastor –


“It was so thankful and I am very thankful that my sins have been forgiven. When I return to Malfakal, I will preach this gospel. I understood many things as I listened to the Pastor’s Words this time. I came from Malfakal with my family, and I will tell them what I felt and experienced while I was here when I return. Many people heard the gospel after the Missionary came to Malfakal before. My father is a Pastor and he continues to preach the gospel to the people of Malfakal.” –Elsie (Malfakal)-

“Thank you. I’m so thankful that the Pastor came to Vanuatu! The people here have been spending a very good time. Through the Words, change came to my heart. Before, I never had peace nor hope, but as I listened to the Words this time, I could feel hope and peace taking place in my heart.” -Jacqueline(Malfakal)-


Afterwards, we headed towards the radio broadcasting station. When the conference was held last year, a Christmas message was delivered through the radio broadcast for the first time. We were able to receive grace this year also and deliver a Christmas message. Missionary Hyun-bae Lee delivered the message saying, ‘Although it was a dirty and smelly manger, it was changed to a clean and valuable manger after Jesus was born in it. Likewise, no matter how dirty and filthy out hearts are, our hearts change when Jesus enters them,’ through the Scriptures in Matthew 1:24. Also, he gave a lecture on the book of Genesis through the Scriptures in Genesis 1:2. The message that was recorded this day will be broadcast through Vanuatu on December 24th.


The local pastor, Kalo is currently pouring all his heart into the IYF, and it was through his help that we were able to meet with the minister secretaries at this witness trip. There was an introduction of how the IYF was established and what kind of organization it is. Those who felt the heart of God through the IYF opened their hearts wide. They said they would exactly deliver what they learnt about the IYF when the ministers return.


Matthew 11:28

“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Through this witness trip, we could see they were poor but their hearts were very pure and beautiful. God worked from the beginning to the end of this conference in Vanuatu and it was a trip that allowed us to remember the true meaning of rest.

In Isaiah 24:15, the Scriptures say ‘The name of the Lord God of Israel in the coastlands of the sea.’ When we see the Words of God being fulfilled as the Scriptures in the islands of the South Pacific, we are hopeful and thankful.

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