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[Vietnam] Reunion after 10 years “When you open your heart” Mind education in Vietnam (November 21,

At 7 o’clock November 10, 2011 the ‘Vietnam Musical Exchange and Mind Education’ invited by the Vietnam alternative school began at Bentan Music Hall located in Ho Chi Minh.

Saigon, which was the capital of South Vietnam had its name changed to Ho Chi Minh after reunification in 1975. Ho Chi Minh is the center of Vietnam’s economy and is a very active city. It is three times bigger than Seoul and has an abundance of westernized scenery because colonial buildings still remain even though historic buildings were destroyed during the Vietnam War.

Volunteers who had three workshops were busily finishing the preparation here and there. Motorcycles, the character of Vietnam, came into the event hall a half hour before the event began. From children to old people, many people filled 1045 seats of the Vietnam music hall. They expected a cultural and classical performance that is difficult to have as well as having a chance to attend receive mind education.

Musical exchange and mind education began with the traditional performance of the Vietnam college of music. Following, the performance of the Righteous Stars gained a big response.

The president of the Vietnam alternative school gave a welcoming.

“I am thankful for many student attendants. Vietnam students have many problems in their mind. I established an alternative school for changing their minds and invited Pastor Ock Soo Park who is the founder of the Lincoln house school (alternative school) in Korea.”

The following cultural performance was Chunhyang which shows Korean culture and Juningtoiro which shows the passion of Japan. The audience gave a big applause.

“The bright smile of the performers and the passionate performance were impressive.” Ho Chi Minh, law school student.

The main stage was where the performance of the Gracias Choir took place. The violinist Rami Lee’s Nrazychi – Mazurka and The Lord Who Carried Our Sin and a duet of the baritone Ilyoung Song and soprano Hyemi Choi’s La ci darem la mano and so on were performed. Even though the classical music could be difficult for Vietnam people, the Gracias Choir moved their hearts through happiness faces and sincere vocal sing with thankful heart. The Gracias Choir received a large applause and gave an encore.

When the Gracias Choir sang a popular Vietnam song,“Saigon”, which expresses the beauty of the city and both the Korean and Vietnam people sang the song together, being of one heart.

And Pastor Ock Soo Park gave a mind lecture. Ten years ago when he ate durian at the first time he was repulsed by its strong smell. However he couldn’t forget its good taste after realizing the true taste of Durian. Like that people also had their own flavor. Family, friends, whoever we meet, we can become happy when we know the true flavor of them.

“After listening to the lecture, I could have a different point of view about people. Everyone has their own taste and character so when I understand these kinds of things I could see them in a good way. I learned that I could be happy from the time I realized that.” – volunteer –

“I learned that I could become happy when I open my heart.” – volunteer –

We had hope that many young people of Vietnam who are going to lead the future of Vietnam learn the world of the heart through the mind lecture and they will become leaders.

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