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[Vietnam] The Dream Come True in Hanoi (December 12, 2011)

After the short 2-night-and-3-day event in Myanmar, Pastor Ock Soo Park and the team headed to an airport for the next destination, Hanoi, Vietnam. The placid night view of Hanoi we saw from the sky 2 hours later were like a pearl hiding in the ocean.

Out from the airport, they drove to Ao Vou inside of the National Park for about an hour. At 10:50pm, the car Pastor Ock Soo Park was riding finally arrived, and the brothers and sisters, overwhelmed with excitement, welcomed him with applause from the entrance to the venue. “I’ve wished to see Pastor at least once in my life. My wish came true today.” A short cry of a sister from Hanoi Church was more than enough to show their hearts.

An entire day, 30 hours, and 15 hours… That’s how long the brothers and sisters travelled on a hoary wooden chair or on the cold floor to see Pastor Ock Soo Park who they have been dreaming to meet. Those from the 4 minor tribes drove for an entire day, from Ho Chi Min, for 30 hours, and from Danang, for 15 hours. Using 50-70% of their monthly income for the transportation, 250 brothers and sisters and 50 volunteers, selected after the 3 workshops, came and waited for Pastor Ock Soo Park from the entrance of Ao Vou, the venue.

After the welcoming ceremony, Pastor Ock Soo Park preached the sermon on the podium past midnight as if to recompense the long wait and warm welcome from brothers and sisters.

Hanoi’s amazing day in 6 years, Righters dance prepared by youth from Ho Chi Min and Hanoi, Cultural performances by brothers and sisters from Hanoi, and A Capella by youth from Ho Chi Min. Though there were some mistakes, we could feel how they prepared all the performances with their hearts. The Gracias Choir continued. Even though they could not make it to Hanoi, the administrative played the recording of their performance for the brothers and sister who have been longing to meet them. Even though it was only a recording, brothers and sisters rejoiced exceedingly, giving them a great applause as if they were at a live concert.

Because he could stay only for a day, Pastor Ock Soo Park preached at 6am, 11am, and 7pm. Each time he came down from the stage to the audience, preaching to each one of them as though he was having an individual fellowship. From the heart of the second soon to leave the father to how he came back to the father through swine pen, he talked about Luke chapter 15 in great detail. “Bible shows us the flow of man’s heart. Vietnam is rapidly developing. As we undergo development, what would we face as consequences? We would start seeing things we couldn’t see before. We will start to desire for things. Man should not only have desire, but also the self-control. That is why we need to learn healthy mindset and the world of heart. “

After the last mind lecture, Pastor Ock Soo Park shook hands with the brothers and sisters as he was going down the stage. In hope to keep this precious memory, brothers and sisters took pictures with the pastor and expressed their heart saying, “Thank you, Pastor” in Korean.

“I only have seen Pastor Park via internet. It’s my first time to actually see and hear him in person. I cannot describe this happiness to meet his heart. If he hadn’t come to Hanoi this time, I don’t know how long I would have to wait to see him. I am really happy and thankful.” – Nguien Tituha, Hanoi Church

“I came to hear the mind lecture from Pastor Ock Soo Pakr for the first time. As I studied bible, I learned the world of heart and how to live a life with healthy mindset. Just like Pastor said, I wasn’t laboring, but gladly accepted the words. As Vietnam undergoes economic development, people’s desires are growing. We also need to learn how to restrain and step on brake of heart through the words of God. Vietnamese should discover their true selves and escape from the whirlwind of sly Satan. I am very thankful to God for allowing Pastor Ock Soo Park’s visit at a very appropriate time.” -Do Min, Hanoi Church

Heart and time are inversely related. Upon seeing how the long distance and inconvenience did not become a problem for Burmese and Vietnamese brothers and sisters because of the joy to see Pastor, we came to think that we have forgotten about the most important thing as we live in abundance.

First love, Isn’t it the truly precious heart we should not forget….?



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