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[Vietnam] “The Sound of Four Lepers’ Footsteps” resonates! (November 23, 2011)

came to its last day. With the invitation from Vietnam Alternative School located in Bentan Music Hall, the event began on November 10th, filling the 1045 seats every day since.

For the three days of the event, Gracias Choir’s performances and mind lecture in the morning melted and opened the heart of Vietnamese who have been isolated by the fence of communisms.

Starting with the first stage, the performances by Gracias Choir mesmerized the eyes and ears of the audience. Unfamiliar whispers of classics from the soft melodies of violins, grandeur music by orchestra, and the unique voices of the Soloists moved the hearts of the audience as they transformed to reflect the lyrics and melodies of the original music pieces with their smiles and happiness.

—–Attendees Interviews—–

“I have never heard such music. I feel like my soul is being refreshed.”

“I was very touched to see how they performed with all their hearts. Most of the volunteers were greatly moved.”

For the last Mind Lecture, Pastor Ock Soo Park talked about the second son, the prodigal son in the Bible, “The second son did not know the heart of his father. When he returned and came back to his father, the son talked about his story, but the father didn’t listen to what the son had to say. The father just started working for the son. Then, the son realized the heart of his father for the first time. ‘Father loves me; he is delighted in me.’ Once the son realized the love of his father, they finally became one-hearted. God is our father as well. The father in the story helped his son when their hearts were flowing together. Just like that God will help us as well. Please, do not close the door to your heart. When your heart flows with your parents or with your neighbors, you will be able to live a happy life with much blessing even if you lack money. I truly hope that the blessing of God will overflow in your life.”

—–Attendees Interviews—–

“Before I didn’t have any concept of the word of the heart, I encountered it for the first time through this event. I think it’s the world that I’d like to learn a little bit more about.”

“I heard about the world of heart from the Mind Lecture for the first time. I have been dragged by the evil things many times, so I am curious what I should do to be led by the good”

“It was really great, and always smiling faces of the Choir seemed to give us their joy in their hearts through the songs. And during the lecture, he used various parables so that I couldn’t get the topic at first, but when I thought about it, I could see how he precisely pointed out the problems of the heart.”

Under the surveillance of the Department of Culture, Gracias Choir played hymns along with classic music pieces. Playing hymns could have been a problem, but never became an issue. Instead, the messages from Mind Lecture were changing the hearts of the students just like the seeds, once planted, change the grounds to bring forth sprouts.

One more thing, 3 pastors and 2 elders were ordained in Vietnam, adding much joy to the whole church.

Beyond the wall of a decade, “the footsteps of the four lepers” were heard. Though many burdens were present, the work God has accomplished through us – when we took steps forward – was great and truly amazing. All churches in Vietnam rejoiced with tears.

After the event, Pastor Park left with a promise to come back next year.

We are very hopeful to see how God would work in Vietnam until the next year about this time.

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