[Vietnam] The Start of the 1st World Camp in Vietnam, Together With the Government



From the 30th to the 31st of March, the ‘2017 IYF World Camp’ took place in the Cung Dien Kinh Gymnasium in Hanoi, Vietnam. The founder of the IYF, Lecturer Ock Soo Park was invited as the main speaker. This World Camp was organized by two groups, the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the IYF, whose collaboration was made possible by the Framework Agreement which was agreed with the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organization, on the 21st of March.


From the three schools that had been running the Mind Education, 50 students were selected to attend this event and through a variety of other advertising methods in universities, over 1000 students gathered in the Koongdienking Gymnasium in in Hanoi to participate in the Opening Ceremony.

The Opening Ceremony was highlighted by the number of VIPs that participated in this event. This included people such as the First Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Communist Party, (Youth Committee of the Communist Party), the First Ambassador to Korea ‘Nguyen Phu Binh’, (Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs) and the Honorable Professor, ‘Nguyen Lan Dung’ (The 10th, 11th and 12th Class Member of Congress and Head of the Biology Committee).