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[Vietnam] The Start of the 1st World Camp in Vietnam, Together With the Government



From the 30th to the 31st of March, the ‘2017 IYF World Camp’ took place in the Cung Dien Kinh Gymnasium in Hanoi, Vietnam. The founder of the IYF, Lecturer Ock Soo Park was invited as the main speaker. This World Camp was organized by two groups, the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the IYF, whose collaboration was made possible by the Framework Agreement which was agreed with the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organization, on the 21st of March.


From the three schools that had been running the Mind Education, 50 students were selected to attend this event and through a variety of other advertising methods in universities, over 1000 students gathered in the Koongdienking Gymnasium in in Hanoi to participate in the Opening Ceremony.

The Opening Ceremony was highlighted by the number of VIPs that participated in this event. This included people such as the First Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Communist Party, (Youth Committee of the Communist Party), the First Ambassador to Korea ‘Nguyen Phu Binh’, (Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs) and the Honorable Professor, ‘Nguyen Lan Dung’ (The 10th, 11th and 12th Class Member of Congress and Head of the Biology Committee).




The performances of the Righteous Stars and Rio Montana started the Opening Ceremony and the promotional video of the IYF was played to introduce the activities of the organization.


Nguyen Phu Binh took to the stage to give the congratulatory message.

“I hope that the youth of Vietnam will become role models for the youth of the next generation through the IYF World Camp, and I hope that the youth can use the world as their stage and be led to reach the same level with the youth almost any country.”


Nguyen Lan Dung also delivered the opening remarks.

“The character education that is being proposed by the IYF is of high interest to the government and we will provide our enthusiastic support for this to take place.”



The students of Masan Lincoln House School performed the Korean traditional ‘Fan Dance’. This drew a great reaction from the audience who were awed by the colors of the fans and Hanbok (Korean traditional dress). This was followed by the beautiful harmony of the Gracias Choir.


Especially, the traditional Vietnamese song ‘Niem Tin Chien Thang’, meaning ‘We Believe in Victory’ sung by Soprano Hye Mi Choi and Su Yeon Lee, Alto Min Ju Lee and Bass Dae Eun Nam really touched the hearts of the audience that they began to sing along.


Then, the guest speaker, Lecturer Ock Soo Park took to the stage to explain the importance of the Mind Lecture.

He delivered a message of hope saying, “No matter what work you may do, the Mind Education can become the foundation of that work. Even if you have all the ability, like a wild horse, if you cannot be tamed, then you become of no use. That is why if you receive Mind Education from a young age, you are able to live a much better life.

Through the Mind Education you will be able to learn about Self-Control, Critical Thinking, Communication and use these skills to become people who are able to lead Vietnam to a brighter future.”



“I think that the Camp in Hanoi is so fun and beneficial. Here, everyone is enthusiastic, and you can easily understand and learn about the culture of different people. Lecturer Park was very kind and he told us a lot about the relationships between people, whether it be between family or friends. If there is one thing that I felt during this Camp is that I will be able to tell my child and grandchildren the things that I have learnt and that I will be able to make a good family.” Nguyen Thu Tuyet / Haddai Education Specialist University.

<The 1st World Camp in Vietnam Attracts Media Interest>


This 1st ever World Camp in Vietnam has attracted a lot of media interest.

On the first day of the World Camp (30th), 16 branches of the media came to capture was taking place.

From the TV section, there were VTV3, the national broadcasting service, VTC2, VTC10, VTV24, Hanoi Broadcasting, Congressional Broadcasting, Youth Broadcasting Station and VTV6. From the newspapers there were the national newspaper of Vietnam, Labour Newspaper, the digital communist party news, Advanced News, the People’s Knowledge News, the Vietnamese World News, the Economic Marketing News and the Electronic Vietnamese Sound News, all of which fought to take up the greatest position to capture the scene.



During a press conference, the Founder of IYF, Lecturer Ock Soo Park said,

“People do not know very much about the heart. They know about their weight, their blood pressure, their temperature and their health but they do not know well about the world of the heart. Why they are sad? Why they are despairing? We see people who become miserable because they cannot heal their hearts.


In prisons, I speak with criminals to teach them how to escape from the misery that exists in their heart and how to have hope to cast away the despair inside of them and have happiness. The IYF straightens the wayward thinking of those who are addicted to things such as video games or drugs. I am thankful to the government of Vietnam that supported us to hold this event after reaching the FA with them. I hope that they can continue to help the youth of Vietnam to become the number one youth and I hope that the media will be at the frontier to help lead the youth.”


After the FA with the Vietnamese government, last March, it is like a miracle that we are able to hold an event such as the World Camp. Although two days is a short time, when we think of Vietnam that will change through the Mind Education, we are full of hope and thankfulness.

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