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Volunteers prepare to serve 12,000 students at the 2013 IYF English Camp in Haiti.

[June 2, 2013]

Huntington, NY—The 2013 IYF English Camp Haiti Volunteer Workshop was held at Mahanaim campus from May 31st to June 2nd.

Many volunteers from around the USA and Canada gathered with the goal of helping Haitian students who are still living in a state of limbo almost 3 years after their tragic earthquake. Volunteers imprinted the “Deliver Hope” motto for IYF English Camp in their hearts and expressed their excitement in traveling abroad for such a cause.

For 2013, 7 schools in Haiti will host IYF English Camp over a span of four days. Volunteers created their lesson plans around the objective of getting Haitian students motivated to study and envision a bright future for themselves.

Volunteers also listened to lectures by teaching professionals. Topics focused on learning, how to handle students in class, and provide healthy leadership. They developed teamwork through physical activities, and were given crash courses on songs and dances to teach their students.

The difference between IYF English Camp and other camps is that it shapes the world of the heart. Volunteers soaked in spiritual development sessions during the workshop in order to introduce the importance of the heart to a people whose pain and harsh memories still linger.

“The reason that Noah received grace was he only believed in God’s Words instead of looking dirty himself,” said pastor Jeon Eun Choi, the guest speaker for the workshop. Pastor Choi’s sessions utilized the Bible to help prepare this year’s English Camp volunteers for the hurdles and challenges they would surely face during their time in Haiti.

175 IYF volunteers from North America will join forces with 100 native volunteers to serve more than 10,000 students for the next two weeks. More to come from Delmas, Haiti.

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