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(Washington D.C., USA) The Christmas Cantata That Had Everything Prepared Already

The third city is Washington D.C.

“I received the letter and I was thankful but most of our church members have no money so we cannot go even if we want to. It seems like a very good performance but sorry.”

“Don’t worry. Our Christmas Cantata is free!”

“Seriously? Is this performance really free?”


This is the sound of the citizens of Washington D.C. moving. The saints in a church want to go but they have no money so they called after consideration. They were so happy to hear that the Cantata is free and thanked us for the opportunity. Many people called through the ‘Dear Neighbor’ letter (an invitation with a ticket and letter enclosed). Washington D.C. is the capital of America and a good city to live in. But the heart of the citizens was filled with loneliness. A letter from an anonymous neighbor moved the hearts of these people.


The Christmas Cantata in Washington D.C. is on the 21st of September. Pope Francis is scheduled to visit this city the next day on the 22nd. All the roads would be blocked when the Pope comes and no event would be possible to hold but God knew the date beforehand and gave us the perfect date.



The drizzle of rain from morning started to pour down as the performance time neared. But the D.C. citizens didn’t mind and lined up to see the Christmas Cantata. The people were wet from the long wait in the rain but their faces were filled with smiles at the thought of watching the Cantata.


The 1900 seats were filled and the audience traveled to the world of the Christmas Cantata as the host shouted, “Merry Christmas!”







Pastor Bang Won Park of New York Church spoke about eternal redemption. “Whether it is person or thing, there is a time limit. But the blood of Jesus by God is eternal. God wants to give us eternal redemption. By one person’s sacrifice, the cost of our sins has been resolved and it is eternal. You will often feel condemned in your life. But from now onwards you don’t need to feel condemned, think about what Jesus has done. God has given us eternal redemption. ”


“It was very good. There were different meanings in the 3rd act. The beautiful voice and play of instruments were very impressive to me. As I watched the 2nd act, I felt like it was telling me that that is the heart I should have right now towards my child. It was a very good stage that showed me my family is more important that money or economic status. Also, I think the pastor’s message is needed not only for Christians but also non-religious people. God gave us eternal redemption. I think that’s a message everyone needs to know.” – Shorey



“It was a really fantastic experience for me. I saw people that were perfectly prepared in their work. I saw the Cantata in Dallas and this is the second time and I only took my family with me in the first performance. But this time, I brought many people. Each time I come here, God makes me experience even more wonderful things. The Cantata is such a perfect and professionally prepared performance. I believe God will continue to be with you and fulfill great works as He is together. The Cantata brings new things of God to this country and works greatly in making this country a better place. I am thankful that God always greatly blesses us like this.” – Pastor Eduardo Rojas


Jesus shed his blood for us 2000 years ago and returned to Heaven, giving us eternal redemption. However, God is working even more powerfully for the many people who do not believe today. God has spread the gospel today through the music of the Gracias Choir to the citizens of Washington D.C. and has given joy into the center of their hearts.

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