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[WCC] Daedeok, ‘New song of world camp youth’

Tuesday, second week of 2015 world culture camp. 6 AM, we woke up from morning sleep with an exercise.


Pastor Insoo Heo gave a lecture for early morning meeting. The lecturer spoke about how he was diagnosed with blood cancer 3 times 21 years ago. He overcame the disease by faith and said he still has cancer but not worried.


He read from John 11:4 and explained that God gave Lazarus the disease not for him to die but for the glory of God. And through the word Hosea 6:3, God who worked in Lazarus 200 years ago will work in a same way to us.



Academy time after breakfast. Different from 1st week, various and interesting programs were prepared like first aid, bead crafts, aroma therapy, Arab culture, Good News Corp academy and etc. We could see the participants did not idle away their time but enjoyed the program with all their passion.



Morning performance was opened by Russian culture dance ‘Kalinka’ followed by Jared and Sheldon’s duet song and African dance ‘Tamasha’.


During guest lecture time, Hyo Jung Hwang the vice-chairman of IYF and Good News Medical Service gave a lecture. He started with a greeting ‘I’m happy to meet you all’. Relating his story, he talked about the clear difference that occurs when following the will of the world and being led by God after meeting Pastor Ock Soo Park. He ended the lecture by saying, ‘Don’t try to belong to the world but become a person who surpasses the world’.



The next stage was filled with Gracias Choir. <I know not why God’s wondrous grace> by violinist Hyerim Jang, soprano solo Sooyeon Yi, solo Julio Gonzales and lastly a duet <You are my all in all> by Sooyeon Yi and Julio Gonzales.


Pastor Ock Soo Park stood at the podium for morning and evening mind lecture. He spoke about world of heart through Luke chapter 15.

Morning session. Pastor Ock Soo Park said though he has traveled the world that equals to rotating the earth 40 times, he has never seen a beautiful world like the bible. After he discovered his heart accurately through the bible he thought ‘if I live following my heart, I will surely fail’ and wanted to deliver the world made in the heart through the bible. Pastor spoke that life is determined depending on what is in the heart and ‘I hope you will discover the world of the heart through the bible, break free from evil thoughts and live a new life following the new heart you found from the bible.’


Evening session. Pastor said that, after he discovered the world of heart through the bible, he was able to meet with things he has never seen, heard or experienced.

‘The word of the bible is God’s heart. How was the prodigal son able to wear the best robe, put a ring on his hand and wear sandals on his foot when he returned home? Because of the father’s order. In Genesis chapter 1, the earth was formless, empty and darkness was over the surface of the deep. But when the word of God was spoken, the earth brought up flowers and fruits.’ Pastor said, ‘There is no one who did not change after the word of God entered in the heart. Don’t try change yourself but accept God’s word.’


“My mom and aunt tried to take me to church since long time ago and I tried but never happened the way I wanted it to happen. When I heard about salvation during this world camp, it was kind of new to me but as I continuously heard the word, I thought this is the right place. My heart became peaceful as I heard the word and believed that we were sinners by one man Adam but through cruxification of Jesus all our sins were cleansed.” (Hannah Lee/ Dream C-10)

“I got to participate in this world camp through ‘Tomorrow’ magazine. I used to go to Presbyterian church and while I was in this camp I received a ‘Kakao talk’ message from my friend saying this place is heretic and thought of running away but Pastor was preaching the word using the bible and all were true. Actually I was tired of living a life of repenting every time I commit sin. When I heard that Jesus took away all our sin from the beginning to the end, I was able to believe that all my sin was cleansed.” (Nayoung Lee/ Dream C-10)






Meanwhile, a special program was prepared in the afternoon. <IYF foreigners singing competition>. It started from 2PM. Before the main stage started, there was a performance by Righteous Stars. Total of 13 people participated and show cased their Korean pop song skill. Regardless of their young age, they sang not only trendy ‘idol’ music but trot songs from 90s. Some were singing with a broken Korean while some were singing with a perfect Korean that made people suspect they are real Korean. The stage was perfect enough to attract the audiences with their perfect singing ability, excellent stage manner and an energetic performance. After all the performance, the 1st prize went to ‘Wang Xiyun’ a Chinese participant. He mesmerized the audience with an excellent singing ability by singing popular drama <You who came from stars> theme song <My Destiny>.

“I used to hear this song a lot because it’s very popular in China and when I heard there is a singing competition for foreigners, I decided to participate. I am very happy and touched to win 1st prize. I am also thankful and happy to participate this world camp.” (Wang Xiyun/ China)





Before evening mind lecture, there was performance by Righteous stars, Wang Xiyun’s encore stage, Indian culture dance <Incredible India>, prayer by Pastor Dongsung Kim the IYF advisor followed by true story of Hojin Choi a 11th class of Good News Corp and lastly a highlight stage by Gracias Choir. Solo performance by cellist Dmitry Eremin and an ensemble <L.O.V.E> <I’m Yours> <Ebenezer> and more.


The world culture camp will end on Thursday with a closing ceremony at Daejeon Expo plaza.

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