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Working on the Heart with the NRS in Rwanda

During the most important holiday in South Korea, the Lunar new year, families get together, share food and their hearts, and plan anew for the coming year. Even in Africa, they were eating rice cake soup and playing with Yut’s (Yut Nori: a traditional Korean game). However, God led them to spend the Lunar New year in a new way. During the Lunar New Year holiday (Feb 4, 5), Pastor Ki Sung Kim (Good News Bucheon Church) visited Rwanda, and God opened new ways for the gospel and for Mind Lecture with the NRS in Rwanda.

The Director-General and Vice Director-General of the First Lady’s Office

Pastor Ki Sung Kim explains Mind Education to the Vice Director-General

The First Lady of Rwanda is working for widows and orphaned girls who have lost family in the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. This visit, Pastor Kim Ki Sung discussed the prospect of mind education to the Director-General and the Vice Director-General of the “Imbuto Foundation”, Rwanda’s premiere youth organization of which the First Lady heads as President. Although the Imbuto Foundation is doing various activities with the youth, the Vice Director-General agreed that without the healthy change of the mind, true change cannot be made as he heard the explanation about the mind lectures. He wanted to work together in the future and Pastor Kim suggested that they go ahead and proceed with mind education for the employees first.

The Vice President of AVEGA, who has opened his heart wide to Mind Education.

Pastor Ki Sung Kim speaks about how we must grow the muscles of our heart

The Enjoyable Mind Recreation

There are many cases where women have lost their husbands from the Rwanda Genocide and who have conceived children unwillingly from enemy soldiers. Thus, there are mingled feelings even between mother and son/mother and daughter which are not explainable. AVEGA, which the First Lady heads as the honorary president, does the work of supporting 19,000 widows and 71,000 children. With Pastor Kim’s visit, they did proceed with mind education and mind recreation for the children of the widows and the youth leaders. Pastor Kim precisely explained that the original reason why people are scarred in their heart is because their hearts are weak which is why we must grow the mucles of our hearts. The Vice President of AVEGA and youth leaders were greatly moved in their heart from the lecture and they suggested that they gather all the youth representatives for a camp.

The Director-General and the Vice Director-General of the NRS

Members of the NRS being touched by Pastor Kim’s personal story

The National Rehabilitation Service (NRS), which was established last year by special order of the President, is one state institution that the we work very closely with. Last September, we entered into a MOU agreement and this time, during Pastor Kim’s visit, he gave a mind lecture during his meeting with the Director-General to the employees of the office and also to psychotherapists. Using his own personal experience as a foundation, he explained in detail about the reason why people who are addicted to drugs and criminals fall back into drugs and crime and how they can break free from those things. The employees and the psychotherapists scrambled to ask questions and they were very interested. Also, the Director-General requested mind education for 4000 drug addicts who are interned at Iwawa Island and at different rehabilitation centers.

Explaining Mind Education to UNFPA members

The ministry of youth is working with many organizations to create jobs and awareness reformation. For awareness reformation, the UNFPA (The United Nations Population Fund) was appointed in charge and Pastor Kim met with members of the UNFPA to discuss with them about Mind Education. He said that it would be very effective if mind education went parallel with a project to prevent young girls from having unwanted pregnancies from reckless sexual relations. Also, he requested for us and the UNFPA to proceed with awareness reformation together.

Pastor Kim, giving his testimony and preaching a sermon to judges and prosecutors.

For lunch, Pastor Kim met judges, prosecutors, and other members of the Department of Justice. Judge Dinda, who attended Grand Bible Seminar in Seoul last year in May, invited many of his fellow judges, prosecutors, and members of the Department of Justice. Also, many people came to hear his living testimony. With much strength, Pastor Kim preached from the word of Hebrews chapter 10, and they wanted to hear from the word and we could surely see how the word was entering into their heart and working.

A vivid scene where the word of God is being preached mightily.

In the evening, there was time for the church members of Kigali and the visitors. Many of the brother and sisters gathered to hear Pastor Kim’s sermon and testimony, and he explained we can be free from difficulties, disease, and problems and live a happy life. Also he explained in detail that the only way to be free from the temptation of the world and from Satan is to be led and governed over by the church and by the servant of God. The brothers, sisters, and visitors could not control the happiness and joy that overflowed in their hearts from the word of God.

Smiles blooming on people’s faces as they hear the word of God.

During the Lunar New Year, God has given Rwanda a large blessing. The repentance and the remission of sins have been preached in Rwanda and we can see how the promise of the word of God is working strongly in Rwanda. God has given us a great gift for the new year and we believe He will give us many more in the future.

Report Bong Jin Go

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