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Working to restore the city—3000 attend Detroit’s 3rd Christmas Cantata

Detroit, MI—On October 13th, Gracias Choir arrived at its 14th and final US stop: Detroit. Detroit is the biggest city in Michigan and was one of the largest cities in America right behind New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

City government burned abandoned houses to prevent gangs from infiltrating and setting up illegal operations such as drug trade. It’s hard to find people walking down the streets of Detroit and for those still here, many dream of moving out.

As the US’s automotive industry leader, Detroit consistently failed to get its corporations to make technological advancements. They believed in themselves thinking they could remain in their position without change while countries like Japan rapidly advanced by challenging and pushing the limits of technology.

At the same time, automotive company employees set up labor unions to protect their personal interests, constantly seeking raises in compensation and applying pressure to their employers. Forced to meet the ever-increasing wage demands, companies allocated funds to employees rather than investing in making more competitive, cutting-edge products.

What can wash away my sin?”

The 3000-member audience responded in one voice.

“Nothing but the blood of Jesus!”

Pastor Park went on to say, “That’s right. Jesus has taken our sins with His blood. The sin that I committed today, the sin I’ll commit in 10 years, in 500 years, it’s all been washed through the blood He shed 2000 years ago.”


“My family has attended Christmas Cantata for three years now. This performance was even more joyful this year since it was different. When pastor preached about the true meaning of Christmas, it was a good lesson for my children. Gracias Christmas Cantata has become an annual tradition.”

– Melanie Moore

– Rosetta Claxton

Detroit, a seemingly broken city. But God has brought it Gracias Christmas Cantata. Those who heard the Gospel and received salvation through this performance will become the light that restores this city. More to come from across the Canadian border and the final stop of the 2013 Gracias Christmas Cantata tour: Toronto.

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