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[World Camp Closing Ceremony] The World Camp Made a Better World for the Youth (July 25, 2012)

2012 IYF World Camp Closing Ceremony

The festival of change for the youth all over the world, “2012 IYF World Camp” had its closing ceremony on July 12th.

With the participant students and the citizens of Seoul, about ten thousand of them in total, we had a time to reminisce the 2 weeks of the World Camp at Olympic Gymnasium in Seoul.

2012 IYF World Camp was together with the citizens. The opening ceremony in Haewoondae Beach, the Classic Music Concert at the stage on water of the Big O Show at Yeosu World Expo, and the IYF students’ performances at the outdoor in Daegu and Daejun…. The other citizens shared with the students of IYF World Camp, the change of heart. The Ministers and Deputy Ministers, representing the youths over 23 countries, and government officials who value and educate the youth came as the special guests to give a big support. Moreover, the parents, corporations, and the press those who had been watching how the youths changed through IYF continued to provide such an active support – more than that of previous camp. This World Camp was co-hosted by the International Newspaper and was reported on Joong-ang Daily, Dong-ah Daily, AP, YTN, MBN, KNN (Busan SBS) and other cable channels in Busan region. (It was reported about 30 times on the press). “I met the IYF about 8 years ago. The more I know about the IYF, it gets more fascinating. Those who do now know say strange things, but they have a pure innocence and passionate activities. That’s why I wanted to help and be part of it.” (Chairman of MBN) Meanwhile, International Newspaper, a co-host, and IYF signed MOU that IYF can have its activities in much more broad fields. The change in the youth from around 50 countries in the world made it possible to get sponsors and grants from those you love IYF. “During the Mind Lecture, I heard that man is only evil continually. At first, I couldn’t take it because it was different from my thoughts. However, as I continued to hear the words, I realized that we could only be dragged by evil. Then I could believe that Jesus set me free from all sins. I was really glad and happy that Jesus has solved the problem that I cannot do.

The story of Eddie, how he gained a new hope through the Camp, gave joy to the hearts of the participants. There were so many students who had change in their hearts during the Camp. As they listened to the special guests, as they toured together, as the foreign students took part in Korean Song Contest, as they opened their hearts to each other, they all became one. The words connected and held onto their hearts. The students chose the Mind Lecture as the best program, and there were many students who gained peace and new strength in their hearts through the words. “I was able to learn many practical things from the Mind Lecture. I learned the world of heart, something I cannot learn from school or anywhere else. I learned how I can open my heart and become one with the other.” (Bell Picherot/ Cambodia) Through the various cultural performances, we learned to acknowledge and share our differences to have strength to lead something new. India’s “Bounce” portrayed the country’s multiculturalism, Ukrainian traditional dance, the festival of love, and Kenya’s Tumaini presented the bright future of Africa. Mesmerized with each country, all the audiences got merry.

The Chairman of IYF, Do Ki Kwon, said that the experiences students had for 2 weeks, the friends they made, and the mind lecture will continue to stay in their hearts, and he hoped to meet them all next year. Paul Kamara, the Minister of Sports of Sierra Leone, said, “We need to make a better environment and a better future for the youth. Let us be partners and make a better world for the youth.”

The former Prime Minister, Lee Soo Sung, gave a congratulatory message saying that the bright future lies in IYF. “A few years ago, I was very surprised to see IYF students’ innocence, passion, and sincerity at the IYF photo exhibition. Here in IYF, there are peace and equality. Friends, do not think that your individual power is small. If we all unite our power, the world will become peaceful. Continue living your life with humility and a sacrificing heart. You will receive the best evaluation from the earth and the heaven. May the whole world be in peace.”

Afterwards, the students watched the video clip on the World Camp highlights and reminisce the memories from the last 12 days then enjoyed Gracias Choir’s beautiful music concert. The founder of IYF, Pastor OckSoo Park gave a message about how you become happy when you open your heart. “Friends, if you open your hearts and talk, then you will become happy as your hearts get connected and flow from one another. Believing God is just like that. When you open your hearts to God and when your hearts and that of God become connected, His joy and hope will flow into you from God. During the camp, many students who used to be with problems and worries changed a lot as they opened up their hearts to exchange. I hope you will also take down the lock on your hearts and open them.”

IYF World Camp, one of the main programs of IYF, nurtures an international mindset in the youth, the protagonists of future, through the international exchange and the mind lecture. “2012 IYF World Camp,” with around 5,000 students from 50 countries, started with the opening ceremony in Busan on July 1st and lasted for 12 days and 11 nights. Moreover, one of the programs in World Camp, “the 2nd World Ministers of Youth Forum and College Students’ Leadership Forum,” discussed solutions to juvenile problems. Plus, everyone agreed that we need the Mind Lecture, which helps to form a sound mindset in youth, to solve the root of juvenile issues. Although “2012 IYF World Camp” is over, the World of Mind learned during the World Camp will continuously remain in the hearts of the participants. They will open their hearts to people they meet, treat them with hearts, and grow into a future leader to lead the world with a strong mindset. We are looking forward to see the new world IYF students will lead.

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