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[World Camp Peru] Your life changes when you know the world of the heart (February 09, 2012)

The 2012 Peru World Camp opened on the 6th of Febuary at Coliseo Eduardo Dibos with nearly 1300 students in attendance. Being the fifth annual camp in Peru, the camp brings much joy to the church as every year saved youths attend with families and friends who also receive salvation.

The Opening Ceremony began with a performance by the ‘Righteous Stars Peru’ which consisted of students who received salvation during the last World Camp.

Furthermore, through the Tae Kwon Do performance by the Lincoln House School from Daegu, a traditional Peruvian dance, an African cultural performance and a traditional Korean fan performance caused the hearts of the students to overwhelmed.

Former Senator Absalon Alarcon Bravo de la Rueda, who always attends and never misses an IYF event; who even donates financially and morally, presented the welcoming speech. In addition, Congressman Richard Acuna told the attendants that their lives were full of hope due to their encounter with Pastor Ock Soo Park, while telling them not to lose this opportunity and to use it the fullest during his congratulatory speech for the opening of the camp. These individuals have opened their hearts towards all the activities conducted by the IYF, and have precisely presented the meaning of the opening of the World Camp in Peru to the students who are attending.

The Gracias Choir’s performance has the ability to captivate youths all around the world. Regardless of the country they visit, they are able to sing songs in that country’s native language and firmly move the hearts of the people. Even the passionate youths of South America held their breath as they listened, and then expressed their moment of high emotions with applause and cries of joy. The Gracias Choir’s music climbed and flowed amongst the hearts of the students and led the students’ hearts to their creator, God.

Now the fifth World Camp has taken place in Peru, and many students have received salvation through the previous camps. Through Pastor Ock Soo Park’s mind lectures, students who previously lived with their own thoughts realized how miserable it was to live with a stubborn heart, and so many heart-changing works arose. Even through the opening message, Pastor Ock Soo Park told the students that they would learn about the world of the heart through the World Camp; and that if they spoke to each other and if their hearts flowed then they would be able to believe in each other, and once they believed in each other their hearts would become healthy and joyful. He also spoke about how each person’s heart possesses its own taste, that is why when you know each person’s individual taste, it enables you to live a totally different life from the life you have been living until now. He also explained the world of the heart in which a heart which does not open to others can lead one to commit suicide. Pastor ended his opening message by telling us that the most precious ability in the world is getting to know the taste of the heart, and so when you open your heart and speak about your heart, a year later, five years later, it allows you to live a different life. Twenty years later, the youths of IYF who know of this world of the heart will become leaders.

Lucero Huaman Mejia XVIII, who attended the World Camp for the first time this year enjoyed the cultural performances, was impressed by the joy that seemed to erupt from the faces of the youth but said that the world of the heart which Pastor Ock Soo Park preached about today left the biggest impression in his heart.

Just as Pastor Ock Soo Park’s hope is for the students who attend the world camp to learn the world of the heart and for a great change to occur in their lives, we too hope that through this World Camp, the youth will change.

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