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(Zambia) Department of Youth in Zambia Works with the IYF

In the morning of September 15th (Tue), Pastor Ock Soo Park and his party arrived at Zambia, the last destination after Swaziland, Republic of South Africa, and Lesotho. This visit to Zambia by Pastor Ock Soo Park was through the official invitation of Zambia’s Department of Youth with each schedule carefully reviewed and adjusted by the latter institution. In addition, all the necessary vehicles, accommodation, mind lecture venue, and participating students are supported by the Department of Youth and aided by governmental agencies.





Ushered by the Deputy Minister of Youth, Pastor Ock Soo Park and his party were escorted to the VIP room as they alighted the plane. Zambia is actually a country that demands 50 USD as visa fee on arrival but the Department of Youth allowed all party members enter the country without visa. After a short greeting with the Deputy Minister of Youth, they rode on vehicles waiting outside the airport and escorted front and rear by police. The party travelled by way of their lodgings to attend the luncheon prepared by the Minister of Youth, Honorary Vincent Mwale.


During the meal, Minister Vincent Mwale recollected pleasant memories from his visit to Korea at the 2015 World Minister of Youth Forum held in July and shared his stories with Pastor Ock Soo Park. After the luncheon, Pastor Ock Soo Park and his party moved to the Department of Youth Minister’s office in the New Government Complex.



From Zambia, the Minister of Youth and five youth-related personnel have attended Korea World Camp until now and they know very well of the effects of the mind lecture. Thereby, the Department of Youth expressed the urgent need to change the minds of the Zambian youth by working with the IYF. Moreover, they discussed the issue and course of development regarding the establishment of an IYF center that is needed to be functionally active as Korea.



The Minister of Youth specifically discussed the matter of establishing an IYF center by spread out a map and explaining that there is no land in Lusaka but, there is an excellent government land 15 minutes from the capital. Moreover, he asked CEO Hyuk Chun Kwon of ‘7 Degree’ who is in charge of architecture to present the blueprint and floorplan soon in order to discuss in detail matters regarding scale, floor space, facilities, construction plan etc.





In addition, Pastor Ock Soo Park said that in the next twenty years, an era will come in which the students of the IYF lead the world. Also, the dimension of thought in the lives of students will be different from those who have learnt this mind and those who haven’t. Moreover, he expressed that he was very happy and thankful that the Department of Youth in Zambia is on the same page with the IYF and that they are able to work together.

At 5pm, Pastor Ock Soo Park’s mind lecture was held on the first floor of the government complex.



Before the lecture, there was an acapella performance by the University of Zambia.

The well-tuned harmony of the acapella was good enough to astonish. Instead of a single outstanding singer, the overall balanced harmony knocked on the doors of the participants’ hearts and brought about a thunderous applause.


Pastor Ock Soo Park stood on the podium emphasizing that the work of God flows through our hearts as electricity flows through wires and water flows through pipes, and explaining how important it is to join hearts with God.



He spoke about the story of Sister Su Hyun Choi who was in boundless fear and darkness with myelitis and different types of cancer at the age of eighteen, in the flower of her youth. But as she looked towards God and connected her heart with Him, she was miraculously healed of her illness. Pastor Park also explained that when we look towards God instead of trying hard by ourselves, we are able to be healed from the poison of scorpions, yellow fever, dengue fever, cancer, etc. by new strength from God.



He said, “It has been 53 years since I have joined hearts with God. I was able to experience the big and small problems become nothing before Him. If all the youths of Zambia learn this mindset and hold hands with God, their lives will no doubt change into a wise, happy, and holy one. Through the continuous mind lectures, I hope that all of you become connected with God’s heart.”


The future of Zambia is very bright. It is said that the majority of Zambia’s population is youth.

It is thankful to be hopeful of the youths of this country to emerge as future leaders like that of King David, Apostle Paul, and President Lincoln and change Africa as well as the world when they connect to the heart of God.



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