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[Zambia] National Broadcast ZNBC Airs Pastor Ock Soo Park and Gracias Choir

At 8am on the 17th of March, we headed towards the national broadcast ZNBC (Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation) situated in Lusaka.



The ZNBC is the largest and most popular national broadcast in Zambia with three TV broadcasting channels and three radio broadcasting channels. Recently, a Christian broadcasting channel has been added by directions from the President and Pastor Ock Soo Park was invited for an interview on youth mind lecture and spiritual life.





Pastor Ock Soo Park and Gracias Choir that arrived at 8 o’clock had a short moment of introduction with the show host at the waiting room before entering the studio.




During the 30 minutes in which the recording took place, Pastor Ock Soo Park preached the gospel. He explained the gospel in detail by giving answers to questions such as; How do we join hearts with God?; How do we solve the problems of sins?; We have committed sins but what does the Bible say?; etc.





While the show host listened, she expressed surprise with words such as “Amen! Amen!” as she rejoiced and gave thanks.



After the recording ended with Pastor Ock Soo Park, there was a personal interview with the Director of the broadcasting station. Director General Richard M. Mwanza said that there were rarely any pastors that could preach the gospel for over 15 minutes and requested him with a lot of sermons. Pastor Ock Soo Park mentioned that Russia’s TBN is broadcasting the 70th lecture (total of 153 lectures) on the book of Matthew and having received one thousand emails of appreciation, a meeting for the viewers is scheduled in April. Moreover, Pastor Ock Soo Park added that broadcasting was also needed in Zambia but he is happy that ZNBC already exists and that we will gladly provide broadcasting contents.



Next, recording for the Gracias Choir took place at the studio. The broadcasting manager was very happy to hear the instruments and music of the Choir, requesting one more song.


Four days of journey in Zambia was a dream-like moment. The gospel was preached to many students through the mind lecture, university presidents also received salvation through personal counseling and mind departments will be established in the schools, and over 500 Christian leaders listened to the gospel through the Christian Leader’s Forum and requesting bible seminars. As the gospel was able to reach different places throughout Russia through the nation’s TBN broadcast, through the broadcast recording today we are extremely happy and hopeful to think that we have already gained all of Zambia and that the gospel will be preached to the people of Zambia through the ZNBC.

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