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[Zambia] Seeds of hope and happiness sown in Low and Poor Places

The Good News Lusaka Church held a cleaning campaign and Bible seminar to spread the happiness of being with Jesus to the people of Misisi.

On Friday, September 30, as music rang out on a street in Misisi, volunteers from the cleaning campaign started dancing in different locations. Passing by, the residents of Misisi stopped in their tracks and began to show interest. Overseas volunteers and cleaning campaign volunteers from Korea held a flash mob with the aim of gathering the residents' interest and doing the campaign together.

After the music stopped, the campaign team introduced the cleaning campaign and explained why the cleaning campaign should be done.

Most people see a dirty street and don't think 'I shouldn't throw out more trash' or 'I have to pick up the trash first.' Instead they think, 'It's already a dirty street, and nothing changes through me' Because they had a heart like that, the streets had no choice but to become dirty. In the end, the reason this street became dirty with all kinds of garbage is that there is a problem with the mind, and unless that mind is changed, this street will never be clean.

Five city officials participated in this cleaning campaign. The city hall was delighted that by running this cleaning campaign together with ZAMBO (Zambian Volunteer), more people gathered and the cleaning could be carried out faster. Starting with this cleaning campaign, the Good News Lusaka Church and City Hall will continue to collaborate.

On September 29-30, following this campaign, a Bible seminar was held in Misisi in the same area. This Bible seminar was held under the title of 'The Lamb who takes away the sin of the world', and 40 people, including volunteers who participated in the cleaning campaign, attended the Bible seminar. We were able to conduct faith counseling and gospel fellowship.

Pastor Zulu, a Bible seminar lecturer, said, “We are born with sin because we are descendants of Adam. No one can keep the law and no one can do good. That is why Jesus came to this earth as the Lamb of God. He died on the cross, bearing all the sins of mankind, by being laid on his hands by John the Baptist. With His blood He promises to wash away our sins and make us righteous. To believe in it is salvation. We no longer have to worry and suffer because of our sins,” he said.

In this Bible seminar, not only Pastor Zulu, a local minister, but also overseas volunteers delivered the word as lecturers.

The attendees who heard the Word from the Misisi Bible Seminar were thankful and overjoyed that God sent His Son Jesus for our sins and that Jesus took on all the sins of the world, believing in that fact and receiving salvation. In addition, people who had questions about their religious life or felt the need for gospel fellowship were able to resolve their questions about the Christian life and become confident about the gospel by receiving personal fellowship.

“Listening to today’s message, I learned that Jesus died on the cross to make us righteous. I used to only think of myself as a sinner, but Jesus has already forgiven my sins. If you ask me if I am righteous, I can confidently answer that I am a righteous person. Because Jesus has already taken away all my sins. I am very happy to be able to receive salvation by attending this Misisii Bible Seminar. Also, the words are very powerful and tremendous. Thank you for taking the time to do this.” (Noah)

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