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[Zambia] “The Government will do everything possible”

At 4pm, Pastor Ock Soo Park met with Zambia’s Vice-President Inonge Winna. Pastor Ock Soo Park and company, Deputy Minister of Youth and the Department employees waited for the Vice-President at the meeting room. Youth Minister Vincent Mwale and Vice-President Inonge Winna took their seats.



First, Vice-President Inonge Winna greeted them saying, “I welcome you to Zambia. Please tell me about what activities are carried out through the cooperation between Korea and Zambia, and what we can do to help.”


Pastor Ock Soo Park shortly introduced his party and then introduced the IYF to the Vice-President. He explained the founding background of the IYF. Also, the problem of youth can only be ruined as the economy develops and the desires of youth cannot control the desire that grows faster than the economic development. He added that the training of students had started with one and become 500 by the year 2001, teaching them the world of the heart. “For the last 15 years, countless youths have changed through the IYF. In the last 3~4 years, youth ministers and education ministers from different nation governments have visited Korea. And many governments have started working with the IYF after seeing the youths change through the camps. Bu last summer, the Youth Minister of Zambia had visited. The Minister of Zambia was surprised at our IYF activities. He said that he would like to give this mind education to the youths of Zambia. I have come yesterday and continued to proceed with the mind education through discussion today. We are trying to carry out youth activities in Zambia so as to become the first example of IYF activities in the future. I believe there won’t be a problem in changing the Zambian youths as the Minister is helping a lot in many ways. I thank the government for actively helping us in carrying out these activities.”


After hearing what Pastor Ock Soo Park said, Vice-President Inonge Winna was pleased with the mind education and answered, “Thank you very much. It is a very interesting program. Pastor, I think you are doing a very important job. I think it is something that not only changes an individual but our whole country. There are a few problems with the youth in our country, they have no technology and they have no job. And they live an obscure life with a negative mind and no confidence. The fundamental problem of these youths is in their minds. On the other hand, the youths that change their minds will experience change in their lives. Change is what changes the mind. It is a program that we welcome to a country with over 40% youth.


The mind program is what we must do more and try harder. That way, Zambia can live better. The youth are our future. I will tell the President about today’s meeting… And what is clear is that we want to be your partner. We want to work together with your church and with your missionaries. I hope this partnership will develop further. As other developed countries have changed by sharing your mind, I believe it can change our undeveloped country even more. Our government will also support you to provide what you need.”


Afterwards, Pastor Ock Soo Park told the Vice-President, “When the body is ill, the mind also becomes ill. I learned the world of the mind from inside the bible. The bible teaches us new things. The Prodigal Son’s body was at the pig’s pen but his mind goes to his father. In the end, he lives a life according to his mind, outside the pig’s pen. We can see him break away from there. When one falls into drugs or alcohol, one’s mind also falls into it and hence, cannot come out of it. When one learns the world of the mind, one’s life can only change. The way one deals with people; it’s different when you connect with people through the mind. While studying, one can become better than someone simply trying hard when one studies with the mind. I request the minimum from the government of Zambia. We will work so that the youths of Zambia can become the world’s leading youths after 10-20 years. I believe that after 20 years, those from the IYF will lead the world. The economy of Zambia is developing rapidly but the desires of the youths are growing faster and it will become difficult to control. Now is a very important period and if you help us, we will make the youths of Zambia into the best together with the Department of Youth. Moreover, I believe God will help in this work. I will pray that God works with the President and Vice-President. Thank you.”


Lastly, Vice-President Inonge Winna said “God has already worked and sent you, Pastor. They will change through the mind education. Until now, we knew there was a problem but we didn’t know what exactly the problem was so we could only talk about it. As you have told us, the government will do everything possible. If there is anything you need whilst proceeding, our government will help. We welcome you. Thank you.”


God is working strongly in Zambia. As God saved the 120,000 people of Nineveh though the one person Jonah, He has sent the Youth Minister to Korea to hear the gospel and opened the way for him to learn the mind that is needed for his country. I am look forward to what works God will show in Zambia in the future.



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