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[Zambia] The MOU Signing Between the IYF and the Ministry of Youth, Zambia

The 15th of March; it was the day of Signing the MOU with the Minister of Youth.

Last year, on the 15th of September, the Ministry of Youth had officially invited Pastor Ock Soo Park to discuss the issue of building an IYF Centre on very good a piece of government land 15 minutes away from Lusaka. The Ministry of Youth of Zambia decided to rent 17.7 hectares of land to the IYF and there was a plan to use this land to build a Centre, in which the youth can learn about Mind Education, Employment Training and a diversity of other programmes.




We moved to the Ministry of Youth in the Government Complex Building, Lusaka.

In the conference room, the ‘Ceremony for the MOU Signing’ had already been prepared but we headed to the office to meet the Minister of Youth (Hon. Vincent Mwale)



Vicent Mwale, the Minister of Youth, had attended the ‘2015 World Minister of Youth Forum’ that was held last year in July at Korea. After having attended this Forum, he felt inspired. He gave his opening remarks about how amazed he was that South Korea, a country that was poorer than Zambia as recently as the 1960s, had become thousand times more developed. He revealed that the reason for this was because of the mind-set that they had, as he saw in South Korea.


Although it has been five months since the meeting in September, the Minister of Youth, Vincent Mwale, welcomed us like old friends. After brief greetings, the Minister of Youth expressed his willingness to implicate the mind-set that he saw in Korea to Zambia. He also gave his thanks of having shown Korea to him, then we headed to the Conference Room to proceed with the signing of the MOU.


The ‘MOU Signing Ceremony’ had attracted many of the local media.


The Founder of the IYF gave his congratulatory message, “Wheat takes six months to harvest, an apple tree takes five years to harvest but a person takes 20 years. When I was growing up, I did not have much to eat so it was easy for me to roll up my sleeves and deny my own heart in order to provide a better environment for my son’s generation.


The Jewish people found the 78:22 ratio rule to make money and because they were able to recognise the flow of the money, they could be seen as wiser than any other nation. Instead of saying to the students ‘Don’t do drugs!’ or ‘Don’t play video games”, if we lead the students to find and eliminate the source of the problem, they will change. Penicillin began in Africa. They discovered that by putting rotten branches on a wound, it would not become worse and, through further research, they discovered that the wound could be healed through application of the green mold on rotten branches. This had saved humanity.

We have found the Penicillin of the heart. Today the MOU will fill all the needs for us to lead the youth. The youth are the future of a country. In any family, if their children are diseased, the family does not have a future. I hope that, in 20 or 30 years’ times, Zambia will be great like South Korea. I hope that, with the mind-set from Korea and with the heart of God, the youth of Zambia will be able to live in joy and hope.”


The Minister of Youth, Vincent Mwale, also said, “82% of our population are young people under the age of 30. When we became independent in 1964, we were more developed than Korea. However, South Korea is now 1000 times more developed. Although they had no raw resources or minerals, the correct mind-set is what lifted South Korea. If you see now, many premium Korean products, such as Samsung or LG, are being sold all over the world.


We need to provide many opportunities for this ‘Mind Education’ and the education of skills. We need a lot of support in areas such as skills, finance and ‘Mind Education’. The government will also be helping with this project. I am so thankful that we are able to have the Ground-Breaking Ceremony tomorrow. I am excited for the Ceremony tomorrow.”



The, the signing of the MOU began.

Next, he requested for the performance of Gracias Choir, the best choir that he had ever seen. The beautiful melody of Sopranos Hye Mi Choi and Jin Young Park’s duet, stole the audience’s attention. Everyone took their phone out to take pictures and videos. Lastly, there was a press conference with the journalists and it was revealed that specific details would be discussed further at a later time.




Now everything has been prepared for the Zambian Ministry of Youth and the IYF to begin working for the many young people in Zambia. Especially, the next day, there was a Ground-Breaking Ceremony on the 20 hectares of land given to the IYF by the Zambian government, in the presence of the President of Zambia. In the same way that the all-purpose building in Benin was constructed, a Centre and many facilities for the youth will be built to continue the activity and training of the youth. Because the investment in people takes 20 years to make a return, when we think of the Zambian youth, who will live in joy and with ambitions as well as being advantageous to many communities, we are full of hope.



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