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[Zambia] We Will Be Responsible for the Future of IYF

Pastor Ock Soo Park had visited Zambia in September by the invitation of the Department of Youth in Zambia. He had hopes that the youth of Zambia learn the mind and live a wise, happy, and holy life as he met with the Vice-President, visited the land given by the Department of Youth, gave mind lectures, and held Christian Leaders’ Forum, etc. Afterwards, Zambia IYF introduced the mind lecture to national universities, high schools, teachers’ association, police department, prison etc. and they showed interest and welcomed us.


The IYF Youth & Leaders Camp held between the 6th and 9th of December is the 5th camp held in Zambia this year. There were particularly more difficulties while preparing for the camp this year due to inflation, receiving support in such an economic crisis, and finding a venue. The Goodnews Corps volunteers and the church members went out in search of sponsors and to promote the event but, they returned despair. There was nothing we could rely on so God led our hearts to rely only on the Words. We believed that God will allow the people with sin to join the gospel according to the scriptures in 1 Samuel 14:21. When we stepped forward in faith irrespective of our circumstance, we could meet with the things that God prepared.

The camp held this time at the Kafue Boys Secondary School that is an hour away from Lusaka and the participants that wished volunteer with the IYF were chosen after several workshops and mind lectures.




They are the ones who will lead the future of Zambia IYF so they spent time to join their hearts into one through the academies, water Olympics, discussion time etc. Before each mind lecture, the participants rejoiced at the various performances and Gracias Choir video clips. The main mind lecturer, Pastor Sang Gyun Oh explained that people who insist on that they are correct are isolated and live an unhappy life but people who live with the heart that their thoughts could be wrong listen attentively to other people and live a changed life. Also, many people insist they are right before God and live an isolated life outside the grace and love of God. The participants discovered the truth of the gospel through the mind lecture, put away their thoughts, and receive the grace of accepting the scriptures.






Moreover, the brothers and sisters received evangelist training for a long time before this camp, and they preached the gospel to the participants at every group fellowship and break time. Such view was beautiful as if we were at a retreat in Korean church. Such fellowship time between the church members and participants made us realize once more of how precious this gospel is and how great the work of God is.





In the afternoon of December 6th, there was a Mahanaim Bible College Graduation Ceremony at the Lusaka Church. At the graduation, 6 students who learned the true gospel for a year had graduated. Pastor Sung Kyun Oh delivered a congratulatory message saying strength is not in me but forms when we step forward with faith in God and to preach the gospel together in faith and reliance on God and not human or circumstances.


Many people in Zambia wish to be together with the IYF and as God opened the way for the gospel, currently we are busy with mind lecture programs, broadcasting permission, MOU with the Department of Youth, and construction of the IYF Center. As we watch God prepare each and every person to work with the power of God before all these things, we are hopeful of the works of God in Zambia next year as well.

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