5. Foundation of Good News Mission (1)

1) Foundations of Evangelical Churches that God Had Strongly Used

As commonly known, Martin Luther and John Wesley, the founders of Lutheran Church and Methodist Church, were all definitely born-again servants who mainly concentrated on preaching gospel. Therefore, Lutheran Church and Methodist Church founded by those two servants were also largely used by Him in preaching gospel. Yet, the point we have to give attention to is that evangelical churches in an early stage and today’s Korean churches are very different from each other. That is, when we compare the spiritual aspects of early evangelical churches and Korean Lutheran, Methodist, and Presbyterian Churches in present, they are remarkably distinctive from each other. We will deal with the reasons more in detail on history of Korean Church, but as a representative example, John Wesley, the founder of Methodist church, was originally a pastor of Anglican Church and ministered for ten years regardless of gospel. Then, through Moravian Church, evangelical church at that time, he found out that he was not born again, and in a small chapel on Aldersgate Street, London, he experienced being born again on May 24th, 1738. Because Presbyterian Church was formed as Wesley preached a true gospel that led him to salvation, believers of Korean Presbyterian Church still annually commemorate that day. But the problem is that most of Presbyterian followers do not have experiences of being born again unlike Wesley, besides, they are ignorant and even deny about being born again.

Likewise, many Korean believers in present live religious lives perfunctorily, without any passions towards being born again and gospel that early believers of evangelical churches had before. The biggest reason is because faith and spiritual senses that His servants who are the fundamentals of the evangelical churches had are not connected to Korean churches in present. If the faith and spiritual senses that the servants of God had are connected, Korean churches are also able to change the world with gospel just like the early evangelical churches had done. Unfortunately, Korean churches in today are not able to perform their functions as ‘the light and the salt of the world,’ which can drive out the darkness and corruptions from the world. Recently, ‘church hereditary’ and ‘financial troubles’ that could never be seen with the early evangelical churches are spread among Korean churches. For that reason, although many churches in Korea externally seem to continue genealogy of the early churches, back sides of their spiritual aspects are distinctively different. Consequently, this problem conceived corruptions of Korean churches, which surfaced as serious problems in Korean society.

2) Servants of God Who Were Raised in History of Reformation